Thinking of You Mom Quotes

Thinking of You Mom Quotes




Thinking Of You Mom Quotes

Thinking Of You Mom Quotes




Thinking of You Mom Quotes



1. Mothers are the honey of life, and my mother is the honey of my life, I love you mom, I miss you too.

2. You took care of me from cradle to adult; I would ever remain grateful to you forever. I love you, mama.

3. You have the most beautiful and the purest heart in the world; I keep you close to my heart, mama, I would always love you forever.

4. Thinking of you now dear mother, I want to let you know that you are so special to me, thank you for being patient with me all through life, may God bless your heart all the time.

5. There are only two mothers in the world, my mother and others, I live every day thanking God for the gift of a special mother like you, you are always on my mind in every single moment, I love you, mama.

6. I don’t know my life would have been without your mother, you guided me and shaped in my experience most beautifully, you are so lovely and caring, I miss you, my dear mother.

7. You are a blessing from heaven to the world, love and peace thrive in your heart, this you have always spread to others, that is why you significantly loved by everyone that meet you, I’m proud a wonderful mother like you.

8. You are like moonlight in a night; you are like sunshine on a cloudy day, you are blessing to everyone around you, may your heart find peace and harmony all the time, I

love you, mama.

9. I have searched my heart over and again to know what makes me so happy, and I discovered that it is your beautiful thought that filled my heart all the time, I cherish you so much mama because you are my world, thank you Lord for giving me a beautiful angel of a mother.

10. To best mother in the world, thank you very much for all that you have been to me from childhood to adulthood. I think about you every second, and I pray that God bless you with every beautiful thing that would comfort your heart, I love you so much, mama.

11. Your light shines in my heart wherever I go; I would forever keep you in a beautiful place in my heart, you deserve much from me, mama, you are the hero of my life.

12. I can’t imagine how life would be with me without a great teacher like you, you are healthy, firm, tender and lovely, thanking you dear mother, you would always have a special place in my heart.

13. For the all the pain that I have made you go through, for all the tears that I have made you shed, for the sleep that I have deprived you, I’m sorry for all, I love you mother, you are world and paradise.

14. My heart is full of endless joy when I think of you, I have a super mother who means everything to me, you are my heart when it beats, I can’t imagine life without you, I
miss your warmly embrace, I wish to see your beautiful face mama, smile, I love you.

15. Dearest mother, be happy wherever you are because your little daughter is happy to think of you, you are such a great mother, I miss you.

16. Your thoughts dash through my heart more than a thousand time a day, you are such a special woman in my life, without you mama, I wouldn’t be here today, I love you.
17. Wake up in the morning thinking you, sleep at night dreaming about you, you are blessing to my heart, I love you mother.

18. Dear mother, you have a beautiful heart. I was so lucky to have an amazing mother like you; peace be unto your soul all the time, be happy and cheerful, God bless you.

19. When I’m down, you pick me up; you are my everyday sources of joy and inspiration; I adore you forever, mama, your body can be like you.

20. More rooted in my heart do keep I special place for you, it beyond any one’s reach, you deserve every beautiful thing, mama, I wish that I can do any job for you.

Thinking of You Today Mom


21. My dear fortress, my beloved hero, my dear mother, life is so kind to me that I found you as my mother, I wish your every day a glorious moment, may you live forever in happiness, I love you.

22. I want you to smile; I want you to be happy forever, the dear mother tells me what I can do to make you happy every day, I’m ready to do anything for you and much more,
you are the peace of heart.

23. I’m far away from home, don’t worry mother, I find over here, I’m living life the way you would be proud of, thank you for teaching me everything that I should know about life, experience has been so fantastic following your beautiful guidance, you are one in a million.

24. I have never been so loved by anyone the way my mother loved me; mothers love are special love that everyone should cherish, to my beautiful mother, I say thank you for every moment that you cuddle me.

25. My childhood is full of beautiful memories because of my wonderful mother, dear mother; I wish you long life and prosperity, love, to your heart every moment.

26. It is a beautiful day, rise and shines mother. I’m thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful day.

27. Your love is rooted in my heart; you are the beautiful woman that helps me pull through life; you are the angel of life. I love your mother.

28. Dear mother, I have a look for a perfect word to describe you, but I can’t find any, no words could capture how much you mean to me, you are the joy of heart.

29. You endure my troubles; you treat me with care and love, mother, thank you so much, wishing you a life full of happiness and peace of mind.

30. I’m lucky to have you as a mother, for you are more than a just a mother to me, you are my life and my paradise, I miss you mom.

31. There is no place like home because there my beautiful mother dwells, your beautiful thoughts are always on my mind. I love you so much, mama.

32. Life is beautiful because a wonderful mother like you, any time I’m far away from home, I look like a fish out of the water, you mean so much to me mother, you are the treasure of my heart, I love you.

33. She sparkles like the stars at night, her smile brighten my heart every time that I look into her lovely eyes, that’s my mother, she is my angel, thinking of you mama.

34. Waking up in this morning and thinking of you already, good morning mama, I wish you a joyful day.

35. Every single moment that passes, I keep my beautiful prayers for you, you are the guardian angel of my life, I miss you mom.

36. Dear mother, you are the best mother in the world, thank you for everything that you have done for me, I keep you in my heart even if I’m far away from home, I love you so much.

37. Hey mama, I keep thinking about you, thank you for always putting smiles on my face, you are my happiness.

38. Thank God for the unique gift of a lovely mother like you mama, may the Lord bestow peace and harmony upon your heart every day, I love you.

39. Like the rising of the sun today, your beautiful thought rise upon my heart every single morning that comes, God bless you, mother, I love you.

40. Rise and shine mama, peace be upon your heart, thinking of you now, smiled.

Thank You Mom Quotes


41. Every single day that passes, I thank God for having a great mother like you, know mother like you in the world, I pray for your happiness now and forever.

42. Dear mother, you are my backbone when I can’t stand, you have always been the guiding angel of my life. I love you with the whole of my heart.

43. Nobody knows me more than you, mama, thank you for always being there for me all the time. I love you so much.

44. Like beautiful sunshine, your thoughts shine in my heart all the time; you are more than the entire treasure of the world to my heart, you are a beautiful mother, I miss you, mama.

45. I won’t see my mother; I miss you so much mama, I want to feel like a little child again, thank you a million times for all the things you have done for me in life.

46. Dear mother, without you I don’t know what my life would have become, your thought keeps me warm all the time. I love you, mama, cheers to your heart.

47. My heart gladdens to think of you, my eyes cool to look you at your lovely pictures, and my world is beautiful because I still have you around, you are my beautiful life,
thinking of you mama.

48. I love you, mama, I love everything about you, from time immemorial you have always being there for me, thank you, mama.

49. You have a great heart, you one, and yet you are like the whole world to me, no one can take your unique place in my heart, I love you, mama, thinking of you now.

50. Sweet memories are what you brought upon my heart; a cheerful heart is what I feel when I think of you, I love you, dear mother.

51. When I close my eyes at night to sleep, you are always the last on my mind, and when I open my eyes in the morning to see a beautiful world you are still on my mind, I
feel so good to think of you, I love you, mama.

52. Dear mother, you are the perfect definition of love, your thought filled my heart with a particular love all the time. I owe you a beautiful gift.

53. Dear mother, nothing I would ever do to compensate you for all the things you have done for me, if I have the whole treasure of the world, they are not enough to show my gratitude to you, I want to say thank you, mama.

54. You make me dream a beautiful dream, like a captain in the ship, you guided me rightly, I’m indebted to you forever, thinking of you mama, I love you.

55. I stand tall today because of your love for me, every time my mind takes me down memory lane, a beautiful smile spread in my face, you give me beautiful memories, with great nostalgia I think of you mama, God bless your heart for me.

56. You are my heart when as it beats, you are sunshine every day; you are everything so beautiful, I miss you, mama.

57. If I could see my childhood pictures, gladden in your lovely arms and smiling like a king, then I know that you are all that I have ever had in life, I love you so much,

58. How I wish I could remain a baby forever so that I can feel the pulse of your heart every minute, I love you, mama.

59. A heart filled with love and harmony is what thinking of you always left behind, you are my living paradise, I miss you mom.

60. You have shown me, true love; you teach everything that I need to know, you are great, thank you,

thinking of you mom quotes


mama, my heart continues to find peace and love as long as you live.

61. I would forever pray for you, would forever cherish you. I love you so much, mama.

62. Life is good because I have a wonderful mother like you, in my wake and my sleep, I would always remain grateful to you.

63. You most adorable mother in the world, only God can bless you for all that you have been to me; I love you, mother.

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