Thinking of You Dad Quotes

Thinking of You Dad Quotes




Thinking Of You Dad Quotes

Thinking Of You Dad Quotes



Thinking of You Dad Quotes


1. From childhood to adult, I have never doubted your love for me; you are so beautiful, I would always love you, dad.

2. If I have a hundred hearts, they would all love you equally, thank you for being a great father, always thinking of you dad.

3. A cheerful heart is what I feel when I think about you, I have never come across a father as caring and lovely as you are, I pray that God keeps you in good health all time, I love you, dad.

4. Wake up to find that you still around give me a special joy every day; I wish I could turn back the hand of time so that I can cuddle up in your lovely arms again, I love you dad.

5. Dear father, I have a beautiful story to tell every time that I think of you, you are the kind of father every child would pray to have, thank you for building my life in care and love.

6. You are the most profound inspiration, thank you, dad, for taking the time to teach everything that I should know in life, I would forever be grateful to you.

7. No one means so much to me like you dad; your beautiful thoughts would always remain evergreen in my heart, I cherish every moment that we shared as father and daughter,
I pray to God to give you long life and good health.

8. Life is so beautiful because we have a wonderful father, and my dad is the best in the world; I cherish you every moment dad, thank you for always being an amazing father.

9. You are the world that I know well; you are such an amazing dad, you care and love touches my heart every time that I think of you, you’re the light of our heart, I love you dad.

10. You are a heavenly gift to our heart; you showed us how to love and care for one another, my heart is ever thankful to have a lovely father like you, grateful for shaping every part of life for good.

11. Like beautiful sunshine, you warm my heart with love; you told me to share love everywhere that I go and that is the greatest happiness of the heart, I wish we would live together forever because I can’t imagine a life without you, I love you dad.

12. Dear Dad, you are the hero of our life, we are what we are because of your unrelenting guidance and care, you sow the seed of love in our heart, look the way it grows beautifully, you would ever have a beautiful place in our heart forever, we love you, dad.

13. The greatest gift in life is the gift of a wonderful dad, dear dad you are that wonderful father, every time that I think of you, I pray that God bless you with all that your heart would cherish.

14. A day with you is like a year of happiness to my heart; you are a loving father, I love you so much too dad, wishing you a joyful heart all the time of your life.

15. All fathers are not good dad; I have a wonderful dad, he is the cutest dad in the world, dearest dad, you give enormous joy when I think of you, like the moon at night,
you illuminate our heart with love, my heart is filled with your sweet thought.

Thinking About You Dad Quotes


16. I called you the ultimate father; you reflect God’s love in our heart, all the time of my existed, I learnt every beautiful thing from you, dearest dad, you are a
beautiful gift to our life, may you live longer in peace and harmony.

17. A time remains evergreen in my heart; they are every moment that you raise me in your lovely arms and make me smile. I cherish my childhood with you, thank you for everything father.

18. I look up to you every minute because your words ring in my heart all the time, my dad is the richest in the world, because his wisdom is unsurpassed, for everything that you taught me is a guide to my life.

19. Everywhere that I go, I see the true hero of my life, that is my great dad, you are the best teacher in the world.

20. You have always been there for me. I never have to be fatherly love. Thank you for being my beautiful world.

21. I think I’m the luckiest girl in life, because I have a hero as a father, thinking of you dad, I love you so much.

22. I have a father, a hero and a great mentor; you are the apple of eyes all the time.

23. Life is sweet when you have a great father like mine, so lovely and amiable; I love my dad so much.

24. My father, a tall and handsome, caring and strong man, I have never found another man like him, he is loving and kind-hearted, peace to your heart dad, God bless every single day that you live with us.

25. As a young child when I was growing up, I’ve never found a beautiful company like being with my father, he makes every moment a lovely one for my heart, my dad is my best friend, thank you, father, for giving me this fantastic opportunity in life, I love you.

26. I have beautiful memories of my father; thank God for your wonderful life. Dad; my heart is filled with your love all my life.

27. The best gift in life is the gift of an amazing father; my father is total; I look up to him every single moment that passes.

28. There is no substitute for a great dad; no one can wear the shoe of my father, dear father, you are God blessing to our life; you would always be in my heart forever.

29. A father is like a nation to the family; my father is a great man. I won’t follow your good life, dad; you are such an awesome father.

30. Can I ever pay you back for being a great father to us, not even when I give all the wealth of this world as a price to say thank you, they are not sufficient. From the deepest part of my heart, I say thank you, Dad, for everything that you have done for us.

Thinking of You Father Quotes


31. A home without a caring father is like a house without pillars; a good father is the true heroes of life.

32. Fathers are the crown of the house; for a loving father is the most beautiful gift in life, my father gives me fond memories all the time.

33. When you want to see a great father, spend a day with my father, you would understand what I mean when I say dad gives me a fond memory of life.

34. Rushing into my father’s arms when he comes back home every evening from work is what I miss most in life, he would raise me and throw me in the air, I love the brief moment that defines true father love for a child.

35. You are the sunshine of our life; you brighten our way with the light of your love and guidance; life is so beautiful to have a father like you.

36. Thank you, father, for building a total child, whatever I’m today, I owe my lovely dad, he is the hero of my life.

37. Life is cherishing to have a wonderful father like you, for I do not know how to say thank you.

38. My dad is a hero; I watch him build a perfect home; mom was great on his side too. I think I have a beautiful place to call home.

39. Love is a peaceful father, and the best definition of my father is peace, if you understand the true meaning of friendship, then you would appreciate my father without having met him.

40. My father is taller than life because he is a God-fearing man and lovely father. I wish I can wear his great shoe one day. I love you, dad.

41. Father lays an excellent example that we follow, kudos to every wonderful father in the world, you are always in my prayers, I love you.

42. Dear Dad, you are the expression of love in my heart; I live every day in your loving memories.

43. If you have a lovely father like my father, then we have the same thing in common, a wonderful father is more than all the treasure of this world.

44. If I ever have a great role model in my life, that is my wonderful dad, he is everything in my life, for every single day that I live, I would fill my heart with beautiful prayers for you dad.

45. It is excellent to grow under a wonderful dad; he makes adjust quickly to life’s uncertainty, my father always have a way of commutating the great lessons of life, he is a great teacher, I love you, dad.

Thinking of You Dad Quotes


46. With less effort I learn so much in life following father’s good example, love is a wonderful father

47. Great dad, is every child’s birthright because fatherhood is a gift from God.

48. Just as mothers are, fathers are wonderful as well, my father raised me, and he combines the role of a father and mother, you would ever have my special love father,
thank you for the unconditional love you showed me.

49. I found peace and love with my dad; this he has sprayed to our heart that is my one beautiful inheritance.

50. Words cannot capture the ambience of my father; he is my living angel, thank you, Dad, for always being a wonderful father.

51. I cherish your father; I love you with every beat of my heart; you are my all-time hero.

52. Your outlook may change, there may be more grey hair on your head, dad is getting older, but deep in my mind he remains the strong, lovely father, once I hold your hands,
the memories of the beautiful old days flash through my mind, I love you so much.

53. I love to hold your hands in mine; I have never being

54. deprived of father love, dear dad, I appreciate your kindness and care for me, thinking of you gives me so much joy.

55. God chose a beautiful father for me; I would always cherish my lovely gift. I love you, dad.

56. Fathers are an irreplaceable gift, my father cherishes me so much, so I love my father so much, he is my everyday sunrise.

57. I learn everything from my father, even the way to smile, life is so beautiful to have an adoring father like my dad.

58. Just the sound of the voice of my lovely father makes me feel so happy; my father is such a wonderful man; life is cheerful to have an amazing father like you.

59. Father love for her daughter pure undiluted, if I ever care so much about someone, I care so much about you dad, because you have been bothering to me.

60. Time could make you forget certain things, but time only refreshes your sweetness in my heart, just you have loved and cared for me, may God love and care for you too.

61. There is nothing as unusual as having a caring father; they are like beautiful perfume, that everyone cherishes the scent, waking up every day to know that you are still there for me dad gives new hope, may the Lord be your strength every day.

62. You are like in a dark room, you shed beautiful light where ever you, I’m proud to be your daughter, I may not see you now, but thinking about you feel so happy.

63. My father is my little hope, he believed in me when others don’t, he is my greatest inspirations, may has a way of looking at issues in the best way, he is a miracle from heaven, I love you, dad.

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