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To the man you love, to the special person that you can’t stop thinking about, love is beautiful and wonderful so when you and your lover are away from each other let them know now and always how much you miss them and keep the spark alive in your relationship. Devote your time and attention to him, show him that he is special and no one can take his place and send him these sweet, romantic and unique messages.

Communication between you and your partner is very important so do not be afraid to let him know how you feel, tell him about your day and listen to him attentively when he speaks to you and always say cute and romantic words to him because it will make him smile.

1. The room seems lonely, the air seems dry, I still feel your magical touch on my skin… I wish you are just here with me

2. Lonely in the shower I asked an empty bathroom to scrub my back, then I realized my bath partner isn’t there with me. I miss you, baby,

3. When I recalled that you are staying another extra day away from me, tears dropped my cheeks, because missing you is just crazy.

4. The more I try getting you off my mind the more I keep thinking about you, you are just like oxygen I can’t do without you.

5. ‘’Go away and don’t come back’’, that was my words to you fifteen hours ago, but with my blanket cold and lonely I want to say this  ‘’please come back baby I miss you’’.

6. Why do we fight, break-up and go our separate ways? Why can’t we just grow up, make-up? Please come back home am tired of missing you.

7. I miss the way we danced in the rain, I miss the way we ran in the woods, why can’t we stop this madness and start from Genesis.

8. I can’t believe you can cheat on me baby, but my heart can’t get mad at you. I have forgiven you both body and soul because my heart keeps missing you since then.

9. They say everything that has a beginning must have an end, but my love for has no end, it is eternal. Please come back home, my superman.

10. My heart has only room for you, now that you are gone, I feel an empty ditch inside of me. Please, my Romeo I need you back in my life.

11. My mystical one, my hero, though you are gone just yesterday to serve the country, it is like you are gone forever… I love and miss you, baby.

12. I can’t eat, I can’t drink, I can’t sleep, and the house is getting bigger with every passing of the day, please get well soon and come back home.

13. I hate the man you have become, after giving me all this hope of love, you just changed like a chameleon. I miss the real you that I use to know.

14. Every morning I shall continue to keep a plate at the dining table, hoping one day you shall return to my arms again.

15. Since when you are gone my days became night, my joy became sadness, my peace became war…Please, I can’t do without you, prince charming.

16. I miss those times when we had our bathe together. I miss those times you when you kiss me during bathe. I miss all of it.

17. I cannot do without you in this life and I am so sure that without you I am incomplete. I love you so much, sweetie.

18. I am so sure that someday we could be in the same house as husband and wife but I don’t like this part of being without you.

19. If I had known that you are only dating me from this long distance from the beginning, I would have said yes from the beginning.

20. I can’t just believe that even at this young age of our relationship, you still give me a gap. When are we ever going to be closer than this?

I Miss My Boyfriend Quotes

21. I wish that someday you will realize that I am here just for you and not for anyone else. You make me miss you hon.

22. I am so disappointed in you cos all you do to me is to make me miss you and I really hate that part of this relationship.

23. We have to bargain this that you will never live me again cos if you do, I will look for a way of living to cos I really don’t want to be found dead.

24. I am such a mess to you yet you love me. What I want you to do for me is to stay with me till the end of my king.

25. I wish that you are my partner and my husband already. I miss that part of you that always says he loves me.

26. You don’t have to be forcing yourself to be missing me whereas you are not. Please, hon just is sure that I miss you a lot.

27. Nothing in this world can pay for how much I love you. If you are not here then my name has turned to I MISS YOU.

28. All I can think about is miss you like food. You are the food I eat everyday yet you are not available. I am so hungry now.

29. I drink you and have a taste of you every day but now you have to be in school and me here. I will miss you a lot.

30. I wish that if one doesn’t go to school he/she would be recognized in society. I miss you and I wish that you are here.

31. I wish that you are here by my side and warming me up with your smiles and touch cos I miss you a lot.

32. I am so blessed that I have you but I don’t even know why you are not here now. I wish you are here so I can be by your side.

33. You have made me become your heroine and people see me as a celebrity now because of you. I miss you a lot.

34. You couldn’t have gotten a smart girl like me if you had not worked on me so hard. Thanks so much but I miss you.

35. You know that I will never do anything without you right? Please come back to me and let’s settle this once and for all.

36. You have all that I desire from a man and I really don’t want to share you with anyone else. I miss you already.

37. You cannot dare live me if you dare live me, I will run after you and make sure that I show you that I miss you a lot.

38. You and I have been together for long and yet I don’t know what missing is until you left today.

39. Give me your love and I will never ask for anything else. You are all that I desire to have now and forever.

40. You don’t have to live me by quarrelling with me hon, all you needed to do was to let me know though I am missing already.

I Miss You Messages for Him

41. This separation will end up bringing and adding a problem to our relationship. I miss you and that is the truth.

42. You should have known that I cannot do without you in my life at all. You left me now and I am so lost hon.

43. If there is anything I will do keep you here with me, I would gladly do it because you are all that I want to have for the rest of my life.

44. Nothing can ever take you away from me and that is what I intended to accomplish now and forever.

45. It is necessary for us to be together now and forever. I really don’t want to be separated from you especially now.

46. I feel as if I am going to die now that you are not with me again. I wonder what prompted you to live me so soon.

47. I cannot do anything else now because you are away from me. Now that you have chosen someone else, I cannot help but miss you.

48. I hope that you find happiness wherever you have chosen now. For me, I think that missing you is what I have to do.

49. If care is not taken, I might commit suicide for allowing you to slip off my hand so soon. I love being in love with you.

50. I have to let you know what is happening to me now. I have developed pain in my heart and that is all because of your absence.

51. I have lost a lot of things and I didn’t plan to lose you and all cos you are not what I want to lose any time soon.

52. You have everything I want and I really don’t want to lose you no matter what that happens. I miss being with you.

53. I have never seen you in this type of seriousness before and I feel that it is happening to us because you are about to live.

54. Someday I will just collapse and die cos I really can’t manage your absence any longer. You are all that I desire my king.

55. If you live me today, I will hunt you and kill you cos I will not die alone when you are the cause of my death.

56. Anyday you say we should separate then you have signed my death warrant. You are the best thing that has happened to me.

57. Ever since we met, all I have enjoyed from you is love and care, now you are about to go to work and I feel as if you are living forever.

58. I really don’t blame people that are hurt by people they love so much especially when behaving like crazy. It is because it hurts a lot.

59. What do you expect me to do now my king? Why do you think that I can handle your absence for long? I am missing you already.

60. Don’t let me die of missing you my heartbeat. Everything that concerns me now is that I want o see you even once again.

Special Missing Him Quotes

61. If you planned to live me and you kept it away from me this long then there is no love between us. I miss you already.

62. I wish that you could make me know that I am all that you desire to have now and forever cos I love being with you.

63. I desire to have you in my life and no matter what happens, I will never stop loving you cos I love you a lot.

64. You don’t have to keep away from me for this long and I don’t desire anything else apart from you hon.

65. Everything I ever wanted has been given to me by you except for one thing and that is your presence my darling.

66. You make me want to miss you even though I don’t want it. Miss you a lot my baby. I desire to have you around me all the time.

67. I am about to lose my temper because you have refused to be part of my life my heartbeat. I will follow you anywhere you go.

68. Do you think that if you live me, I will cry? HELL NO… I will just die and you will come back and meet my corpse cos I can’t bear your absence at all.

69. You know that you are all that I want to be with yet you got up this morning and left me. I desire to have you in my life, my king.

70. I don’t want you to know what you are making me pass through cos if you do, you will never love yourself again.

71. You will hate yourself if you find out that I am in this mess because of you. I will not stop telling you that I miss you a lot.

72. You have to know what you have done to me with your absence. You have hurt me so badly with it and I am so angry with you already.

73. Hell will let loose if you ever think of living me like this again. You suffered me with your absence.

74. Anywhere you go, I will follow you cos you have made me be used to you that I really don’t want to lose you again.

75. Heavens knows that I love you a lot to miss you now and trust me that I will never stop loving you no matter what.

76. Can we even do something else in this relationship other than to live with each other at a time like this? I miss you a lot of hon.

77. You know that I love being around you yet you kept running away from me and I wonder why my king.

78. However you want to do this hon, please consider that I can rarely do without you in my life cos I love you a lot dear hon.

79. We eat from the same pot yet we don’t know how to settle our problems until we separate for a certain period of time. I wish that it can stop.

80. I am so unhappy with you that you have decided to be away from me for this long. I am angry with you already.

I Miss My Boyfriend and Girlfriend Messages

81. I wish that we could be together with each other for so long and not have problems at all. I admire our togetherness.

82. If you are not here with me, then what should I do to myself? I love you a lot and that is all I want to do.

83. You make me miss you and I hate that feeling cos it is so annoying hon, I miss you so much and I really don’t like that feeling at all.

84. If you know what I am passing through then you would never live me again cos you will realize that I am almost dying already.

85. You have done a lot of harm to me already and I will not allow you to continue hurting me with your absence no matter what I have to do.

86. You think that you are the only person that needs to be happy right? You don’t even think about how I would feel about your absence.

87. You decided to live with me and you are happy about it. Do you think that I am happy about it too? I miss you anyway.

88. I hope that you see and find what you are looking for cos I really hate being away from you for a long time.

89. I think that I am so unhappy with you and you are not aware of it at all. I love you so much my king and that is all I want you to know my love.

90. Even though you left me alone here, you didn’t notice that I was alone here. I hate you because you make me miss you too much.

91. If I have to kill you then I will cos I don’t think that you know that you have any use to be around me all the time. I miss being with you.

92. I feel like hurting you and making you unhappy with me cos that is all you have been making me feel since.

93. You know that I want you to be around me all the time and you are not understanding me and I wonder why.

94. Can’t you see that I desire to be with you all the time? I want you to know that I desire you and only you in my life.

95. If I die, I will hunt you and kill you too because all you do to me is to keep me unhappy with your absence all the time.

96. I hate being away from you and trust me that I don’t like being away from you for long cos I feel a sharp pain in my heart when I miss you.

97. I miss the way you touch me and caress me, I want all those crazy ways of making love my king and that needs your presence.

98. Your absence sucks and I hate it. Your presence makes sense to me and I wish that you will never live me again.

99. You have no idea how it makes me feel when you are not around me anymore. I miss me you a great deal.

100. Sometimes I wonder what I have to do keep you next to me and I can’t it out at all cos despite all I do, you are still there.

I Miss You Quotes for Him My Husband

101. Distance has never had a way to settle issues in relationships and that is all I want to tell you today.

102. If you have the idea of what missing another person is then you would come back as soon as possible.

103. I don’t think you miss anyone you love at all cost if you do then you wouldn’t choose another place over me and here.

104. You know that I enjoy being with you yet you chose there over me and I wonder why? I miss you a lot dear.

105. I don’t want you to be away from me and not have any reason to come back home to me. I miss you so much.

106. If I were your wife and you were my husband, I am sure that you will come back to me and show me that you miss me a lot.

107. You have no reason to live me and if you try to stay there for longer then I will hunt you till I find you.

108. Did you see someone else that you want and I am no longer needed? If so no problem but if not then come back, please.

109. I am beginning to feel that you are an unhappy human being and I don’t know the cause but I know that I don’t deserve your absence.

110. So you have chosen to abandon me here and pick up something different to do right. I miss you a lot of hon.

111. I am beginning to feel as if you are such an idiot for living me cos only cowards live what gives them peace of mind.

112. You want to live me after finding out that you are all that I desire to have right? I hate you for making me feel so.

113. You made me feel as if you loved me and cared for me. Now you are gone, I feel bad because I miss you.

114. I know that you don’t miss me at all and that is okay anyway just that I miss you like my life already.

115. You have no idea how much you make me feel about you and how you are always making me so sad with your absence.

116. I know that if I type rubbish, you will not be angry with me cos you know how bad it is for me to have you absent now.

117. You have no reason to live me like this. You are aware that I want to have you in my life all the time and you chose to go.

118. How can you even decide to live me this way when you know that I don’t have anything else to do aside than missing you?

119. If I have the chance sweetie, I would run to you and tell you how much I miss you but you are far and won’t see me on time.

120. How sure am I that when you return back to this place, you will come for me? Am not sure but anyway I miss you.

Cute Missing Him Quotes

121. You have made me act like a complete fool and I cannot ask for anything more than for you to run coming back home.

122. I know something you need to do before I get angry with you hon, you have to come back to me and make me happy.

123. Hey hon, I think I have something you have been looking for here with me. You can only get it when you are here. So come get it.

124. I don’t want you to feel as if I miss you but I have no choice hon cos it is really obvious that I miss you a lot.

125. If you don’t value me then you better tell me cos I know that I truly want you in my arms with you all day long.

126. Sometimes I wonder what could have kept you this long without me by your side. Don’t you like me anymore?

127. If you still love me and adore having me in your life then you better start running to me now cos you are about losing me.

128. Anyone who wants to be hurt should be hurt. I didn’t want to be hurt but you decided to hurt me by living me.

129. I don’t know what you want from me but I can assure you that I want you to be here with me now and always.

130. If you dare live me I will deal with you by making you feel the pain of living someone behind. That is a promise.

131. How can this make me happy when you know that living me was never an option to make me happy?

132. One day, I will get up from here and run to you to make you extremely annoyed. Do you know why? Because you make me miss you.

133. What I will never take from you is the fact that you are planning to keep me away from myself for a long period of time.

134. Do you know that I am so much into you? If you don’t know then let me assure you that I can never survive here alone without you.

135. You have to be aware that I am not going to keep waiting for you for so long and that is the truth.

136. I think that if you are ready to get me, you can just come over to cos you are all that I desire anyway.

137. I wished that you will come to me now cos I really don’t want to keep missing you no matter what dear.

138. I love being around you and I am so happy that you are mine. I hope that you will stay with me until the end.

139. Anytime you are ready to come to me just let me know since you don’t want to come back now to me.

140. I am really tired of waiting for you and if anyone else comes to me for dating sake, I will gladly accept his offer.

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141. I still wonder how you can just come to me and ask me to date you in this long distance and I accepted you.

142. I don’t understand how you used charms on me and made me love you this much even in your absence.

143. You know that someday, we would just end up becoming angry with each other because the distance is a problem.

144. I don’t want you to be unhappy with me even though you have made me unhappy these days with your absence.

145. I have to announce to you that I am becoming unsure of our togetherness and oneness cos you are not close to me.

146. All I want to tell you is that you are all that I desire to have now and always cos you are so amazing.

147. Despite the fact that you are amazing to me, you have decided to be apart from me for so long and I wonder why.

148. I am so happy that you are in my life but I am unhappy because you are far from me now.

149. Whatever I did could be settled but I wonder why you chose to live me than to settle it.

150. I am not happy at all cos all you do to me is to make me miss you. Ever since I met you all I do is to miss you.

151. I don’t think that there is anything you and I have achieved ever since we started dating aside from missing each other.

152. Don’t you think you should free me now? I am tired of missing you and I don’t want you to be far from me any longer.

153. You and I have agreed that you should be staying with me here and do the work from here but you changed the whole story.

154. You and I should better find a way to be in love than this one cos I truly refuse to be far from you again.

155. If this is the gift you have for me, I refuse to collect it. You are trying to bribe me because you know that I miss you a lot.

156. I don’t think that there is a number of gifts or flowers that can make me stop missing a king like you.

157. All I want you to do for me is to come back home with me and make me your own. Is it too hard to do?

158. Do you think that you are so sweet and wonderful that I cannot live? Try not to come this weekend and see what I can do?

159. You have been trying to buy me gifts and sweets to make me forget that you are not here but that is impossible.

160. All I know is that it is really impossible for you to be there and me here. If you are not ready for us then let me know.

Love Messages for Someone You Miss

161. I cannot continue to be like this cos I might die and that is not what I want to do at all. I miss you.

162. I feel as if you are planning to kill me and I don’t think that you are really ready to be my own any longer.

163. If we have a problem, how can we solve it with this type of problem of distance? I am tired of this.

164. You either come or you lose me. I don’t understand why you want to keep me here and still be happy.

165. If you try to make me unhappy for so long, then I will attack you with my own anger cos I hate missing you.

166. Ensure that you are here before you dial my number, else don’t call me. I hate this distance that keeps us apart.

167. Do not try my patience, my king. Do you think I will stick around for you for long? No way… I will stay for some time and live you.

168. For me to be here for almost a year and still don’t see you around is something only a few women can do. I miss you a lot.

169. I can’t continue to be here waiting for you any longer cos I am not sure that you still need me anyway.

170. I don’t understand why I am still here and you still there without me. Are you even happy with this separation?

171. If you want me to be with you, just let me know and tell me on time cos I miss you a lot too.

172. I feel so unhappy because you are not around me any longer. I wish that there is something you and I could do to stay together.

173. We are apart from each other because you have not made me your wife yet. If you do so then I am sure that we will be together.

174. I want you to know that there is no amount of distance that can ever make me stop loving you except missing you.

175. If you are living here to that place because you want me to miss me then there is no need actually cos even the name of LIVING makes me miss you.

176. I have all that you want here and if you are ready for me to be with you then call on me and I will gladly present myself to you.

177. I am sending you this because I have all that you are looking for already. Just come and get it from me.

178. If not for the sake of love then I would have left you and gone for another person cos you are not ready to come back to me now.

179. Just like a prophet, you came to me, and just like a sinner, I accepted to be yours. But you are not here to be with me now.

180. What do you even gain from living me here and staying there? Don’t just let me miss you more than this again.

Special I Miss You Quotes for Boyfriend

181. I really don’t want you to be such a wicked person cos I feel that you beginning to change already. I miss you.

182. Are you planning to be this wicked for a long time my king? Do you want me to die young hon? Please come home.

183. Baby I have not been able to pick your calls today because I am so sick and the doctor says you should come on time.

184. I am in the hospital now and if you are not here, I might just die. My life is in your hands now dear.

185. The newest couple in town is so loving and I enjoy seeing them together. I know people will enjoy seeing us together too.

186. If only you are here with me, then I will be happy to be with you but being alone here is so annoying.

187. Being alone here scares me and makes me feel as if you are not interested in me any longer. I miss you a lot.

188. You cannot be far from me and still think that we can be together in love for so long. I miss having you in my life dear.

189. The distance between us is so annoying and I wish that I could just fly to your place and make this work again.

190. You have all that I want in a man but I wonder why you want me to share it with another girl out there.

191. Some girls have seen what I saw in you and I really can’t change that except you make them know that you are with my hon.

192. My friends kept making me angry with their own boyfriends. I don’t have anyone else to show the and you are not here with my hon.

193. People are beginning to feel as if I am not with you any longer and I don’t blame them at all. It is because we are far apart.

194. Sometimes, I am not thinking right because of your absence but I feel right each time you are with my hon.

195. What I desire right now is you. I want you all around me kissing and romancing me. I miss all that dear.

196. I am beginning to feel horny sweetie and I wonder who will handle that for me, sweetie. Come home, please.

197. I want to follow you anywhere you go cos I am so addicted to you and I really cannot stop that at all.

198. Come to mummy hon, come to have what you have always wanted. If you want it, am right here and I am going nowhere. I miss you so much hon.

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