Prayers for a Long-Distance Relationship

Prayers for a Long-Distance Relationship




Prayers For A Long Distance Relationship (1)

Prayers For A Long Distance Relationship (1)


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Prayers for a Long-Distance Relationship



1. I know that you are far from me, but I also believe that my beautiful prayers would reach you there, may the Lord take good care of you, wishing you the best.

2. Always remain to bless, I think of you every day and night, I also pray for you too, I love from the depth of my heart.

3. It is the beginning of a beautiful day; I pray that my Lord blesses you with a lovely day, you would receive favour and goodness wherever you go today.

4. You are always a beautiful thought in my heart, wishing you God infinite mercy every single day, I miss you.

5. Keep your dreams alive; keep shining in the glory of God; I will always pray for you; I love you.

6. Every single that passes, I pray for you, you would always have my heart forever. I miss you so much.

7. May the Lord bless you with everything good for your soul, I know that one day this distance between us would be a thing of the past; I want to spend the rest of life in your arms.

8. I know it is not easy to be apart, but I pray that God always is our strength.

9. You have always been a beautiful part of my life; I have never believed that one day distance would separate us, may the Lord make every moment a wonderful one for your heart, wishing you a beautiful moment out there.

10. Out of sight is not out of mind, in every single moment that passes, I pray that my Lord protects you and take care of your needs, I love you with every beat of my heart.

Prayer for Strength in Long Distance Relationship


11. You are always beautiful in my heart; I cherish you in my heart. I pray that every moment is excellent for you.

12. Words may not really capture how you make me feel when you are, and when you are away, you leave beautiful traces of your love in my heart, I pray for a lovely moment for you out there.

13. You are more precious than anything to me; my heart feel joyful when I glance through your photos, no matter how long it takes you to back home, I would always be here waiting for you, wishing God’s love all the time.

14. Every moment that we shared are beautiful; you left a large vacuum in my heart that nobody can fill, may the Lord protect and guide you every day, wishing you love, peace and harmony.

15. You are the sunrise of my life; wherever you are now, I pray your heart to be filled with love and peace. I always think of you.

16. You would always be successful in all that you are there to do by the grace of God. I still think of you; I miss a lot.

17. When I found you, I know that I have found the love of my heart, no matter the distance between us, my heart would always be for you.

18. Live happily, rise and shine every day, the Lord is with you; I pray that guide every step uptake, I miss you.

19. You play a beautiful tone to my heart; I can never forget every single moment that we shared, I pray to God almighty to bless you today and always, I miss you so much.

20. Distance is not breath for my beautiful prayers for you, we may be apart, but you live beautifully in my heart, I love you.

Morning Prayer for Long Distance Relationship


21. I always remember you every day, as the sunrise today, I pray that your heart is joyous. I miss you.

22. May every single day of your life bring abundant blessings to you, remember that a heart loves you here, and I would always wait for you.

23. May the Lord uplift you to the level that you never envisage, may time that you. Would stay out there be memorable for you,

24. I live every day in beautiful prayers for you, may your dreams come true, wishing you the very best, I miss you so much.

25. You make me believe in true love; I can never forget you, may the blessings of God follow you wherever you go today, I miss you.

26. My life is beautiful because of you; you are worth waiting for, I pray to make all your heavenly heart desires come to fruitful.

27. The glory of God fulfilled in your life. In your going and coming, may you never stumble on your path?

28. A heart that loves finds God’s mercy; you are such a heart, may God bless you all the time of your life.

29. Keep shining in the glory of God, live a happy life out there, no matter what you face there, God would see you through.

30. I hope that you are coming home soon. I pray that you find the favours of God where ever you go, I love you.

A Prayer for a Long Distance Relationship


31. You deserve every good thing that comes to you; you would always have my beautiful prayers for you, sweet dreams, goodnight my angel.

32. Live a happy life over the life over there, don’t worry much about me I would be fine, I wish that we could be together all the time; I miss you, wishing you a beautiful moment.

33. You left sunshine in my heart; your love glitters in my soul every day; I hope you feel the same too, may the Lord make your affairs easy for you, wishing to see you back home soon, have a beautiful life over there.

34. You are one in a million; nothing would make me stop loving you, we may be thousands of miles apart, but I know that one day distance would be a thing of the past in our life; I wish every day of your stay there a memorable one.

35. Some times I think life is cruel when it takes you to a distant place far away, other times I just wish that I would open my eyes and find you in my front of me, I can’t
live without you, I pray that my Lord take you home safely soon, I miss you my dearest heart.

36. You shine like the moon and glitters like the stars in my heart; I live every moment praying for you, may the Lord protect you and keep you safe over there, I love you so much.

37. The more I think of you, the more I pray for you; you would always rise and shine above all obstacles, wishing every moment of your stay there a splendid one, may the
Lord keep you in good health.

38. It is hard to live here alone without you, you know you are so special to me, I wish I could spend every moment with you till eternity, I want to you would come back soon, may the Lord watch over you.

39. A happy moment is what I have with you; you bring beauty and harmony to my heart, I long to see your beautiful face again, think of me with a beautiful smile on your face, may God comfort your soul with heavenly love.

40. You are the king of me; I can’t think of another world without you, please come back, I miss you; I pray that every moment brings beauty to your heart, I love you.

Prayers for Couples in Long Distance Relationships


41. Rise and shine, today would be memorable for you, you are always blessed where ever you go, may your heart find love and harmony all the time.

42. I dream of a beautiful moment with you; any distance can not steal this dream, we may several miles apart, but I know my prayers would always reach you over there, I love you so much, wishing you a lovely moment.

43. Sweetheart, it is tough to stay apart without you, you are the sweetest thing in my heart, I pray that my Lord is with you wherever you may be now, I look forward to the beautiful moment when we will be together again.

44. Like a lovely rainfall in the desert that is how you are to my life, you make my heart flourish in eternal bliss, and no distance can take you away from me. I would always be here for you no matter how long it takes you to return home; I have vowed to love you forever, may the Lord be your strength.

45. For every step that you take, I pray that my Lord blesses it for you, you may be far away now, but you love warm my heart every second, I love you with all my heart.

46. Wake up with cheerful heart; I dreamt sweet of you last night, may every single decision you make today receives God’s blessing, I love you so much.

47. Sweetheart, look at the sky above how beautiful they are, look at the flowers around you how to flourish they bloom, your love is more beautiful than all that in my heart, wishing you all the best over there, I love you like the air that I breathe.

48. Life is so beautiful to spend it with you; I struggle to pull through life without you every day, I want to spend those lovely moments with again, may all your beautiful dreams come true, I love you.

49. Life is an everyday journey; may all your travels always be smooth for you, wishing you the best.

50. I commit your affairs in the hand of God; He is sufficient for you in everything that you do.

Prayers for a Long-Distance Relationship


51. You would shine wherever you go; you would work and get the reward of your labour, I pray that your life would continue to receive God’s abundant blessing, wishing you a
memorable day.

52. I asked my Lord for what is right for your soul, I beseech him to send peace and harmony to your heart, and you are beautiful. I love you.

53. May light continues to shine, may you elevated above the level that you expected, may the Lord guide your way now and always, live a beautiful life, I love you.

54. I heart that full of God’s blessing is what I wish you, I live the whole of beautiful examples that others would love to emulate is what I pray for you, may your day be full of happiness and love, I miss you.

55. You live among kings and queen; you would elevate beyond your expectations, life would good for you, may the Lord have mercy on your soul, good luck.

56. You are the joy of my heart every day; you would find everything that would harmony to your heart today, trust God, he would be there for you now and always.

57. I call upon the Lord of heaven to by your guide today; you would be astonished and accepted wherever life takes you today, keep rising like the beautiful sun, the Lord is with you.

58. Love is what brings the world together, share the love, and you would receive manifold of it back, I ask God for every beautiful thing for you today, and always, I love you.

59. I may be with you there now, but my prayers are with you always, I’m so happy that I have an amazing husband like you, keep your dreams alive, wishing you all the best, I
love you.

60. Life is full of uncertainty; I pray that everything you face in your life would count in your favour, may the Lord answer every one of your silent prayers, cheers.

61. You have some dreams in your heart, you have set some admirable goals to achieve, God knows the prayers of your heart, I pray that every single ambition that you nurse would become a success for you, I love you.

62. You have gone far away for a purpose, if not you would have set in the comfort of your home, every day and every night, I commit your life in the hand of God almighty,
may all your effort be crowned with brilliant success, I love you.

63. I pray my Lord to remove every stumbling block on your way today; you would rise and shine every single day, best of luck, my love.

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