Poem About Missing Someone Far Away

Poem About Missing Someone Far Away




Poem About Missing Someone Far Away

Poem About Missing Someone Far Away




Poem About Missing Someone Far Away


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1. Dearest, when I close my eyes I see your beautiful face, and when I opened my eyes, I can’t see you nor touch you, my heart cried, though you may not see my tears, but you
can hear the sobbing in my voice, wherever you are, please come back, let my pain vanish, I miss you so much.

2. Every single day that passes ever since you have left, I sit outside the house in the corner adjacent to the road so I can catch your glimpse when you appear from the deep horizon. I pray all day to see your beautiful face, but my prayers went to thin air as the night came falling. Then I slept dreaming of every lovely time that we shared. And when the morning comes, I thought you again. You are my world; my heart loves you. I like to hold you in my arms and kiss your lips; I miss you, my darling angel.

3. Though you are not here with me now, I feel your love in my heart, for your passion ever keep pouring into my heart. I’m ever grateful to have you in my life; I miss you,
my sweet paradise.

4. When I found you, I know I have found my heaven, I began to cherish life more than before, my days were full of beautiful memories of you and my nights were full of
beautiful dreams of you, you may be far away from me today, but I keep your love deep in my heart, I miss you so much.

5. I don’t know why I love you so much; I can’t help loving you more every day that passes. You are my heart when I breathe, and you are my joy when I smile; everything became marvellous when I found you. I will always wait for you no matter how long you tarry; I miss you my sunshine.

6. You open my eyes to see beautiful life; you open my heart to love, I dream of you long ago before I found you, I patiently wait for you, no matter how long it takes you to return. Your love would ever be fresh in my heart; I miss you.

7. No distance can take your love away from my heart, you may be thousands of miles away, but your love blossoms in my heart like this beautiful sunshine, when you whisper
your love to my heart, I hear the voice of an angel, you worth every minute that I sacrifice to wait for you, I have chosen you above the other men of the world, I miss you.

8. Our destiny is to be together forever; my love only gets stronger for you in each day that passes, nothing would ever make me stop loving you, I wake up this morning thinking about you, you are my honey bunny, I miss you.

9. Like a beautiful flower, you blossom in my heart, like the moon you shine in my night, I day has never passed without thinking about you, I cherish you, you are my the daisy of my heart, I miss you so much too.

10. It is hard to live without you, it’s hard to sleep when I can’t hear your sweet whispers, you filled my heart with joy when I think of you, you may be far away this lovely night, but I’m sure to dream sweetly of you tonight, I miss you.

Missing Someone Far Away Quotes


11. Words are not enough to express how much you mean to me; you are my all; I dream of a beautiful life with you; you are my real happiness. I miss you so much.

12. Your love rings a bell in my heart, your voice is all I wish to hear now, I miss all the beautiful names you use to call me that makes my head swell in sweet love, you are my dream when I dream, and my tears when I cry, I miss you.

13. Everywhere that I turn in the house I see something that reminds me of your beautiful face, every moment that I close my eyes I dream sweet of you, living here without you

is a burden to my heart, when would see you again, when would you kiss me again, I miss you.

14. When I’m in your arms I feel like an angel is holding me, when you smile at me, your smile beam a shining light in my heart, loving you is so pure and natural thing that
has ever happen to my life, I live each moment thanking God that I found you, I miss you.

15. I can climb the highest mountain if I know I would find you there, I can cross the deepest sea because of you, and I would risk everything to be with you, I live every day thinking of you, I miss you.

16. I met the love of my life, but the distance would be my obstruction, how can I find you, you can’t just go from me without a trace. Caused in your beautiful thought, may this lovely breeze carry my message to your heart wherever you are. May this moonshine light of my love in your heart. May each star glitters my passion in your heart, wish you find a way home tomorrow, I miss you.

17. You cast your shadow in my mind, your love stuck to my heart like a gum, looking back at all the beautiful time that we shared together, you remind of your lovely smile, I
can’t stand alone here, I need you all the time, I’m dying to see you, I miss you.

18. When you say you love I believed, when you say you would be coming back soon I also felt, like a rainfall fully laden with a blessing from heaven you make splendid, I
cherish you all the time of my life, I miss you so much.

19. We may be miles apart this night, but your love lives in my heart forever, I have never found a beautiful angel like you, I promise to keep forever as my sweet love, we can build a better world together I love you.

20. Like honey your lips taste sweet when I kiss you, I’m drowning in your love, I lift my hands to heaven above to ask of good prayers for you, don’t be afraid my love for you would last forever, I miss you.

Quote About Missing Someone Far Away


21. I have given you all the love of my heart, nothing changes, except that I miss you so much, do you know how much you mean to me, every beat of my heart cherishes.

22. I lay in my bed to sleep, sleep eludes me, I cuddle the pillow down to the middle of the night, and still, I can’t sleep. It is just difficult to get you off my heart; I miss you. I pray that I would found you tomorrow so that my sleepless night would be over. You mean everything to me; I want to live by your side every day because you are a special one for my heart.

23. I’m deeply in love with you heavens bear me witness. Your eyes shine brightly such that I don’t need any light to see around my house in the night. I love it when you smile; your teeth sparkle like the stars in the night. You are alluring and pleasing to my soul, and I count down to the beautiful moment when I would hold you in my arms again, I miss you.

24. Your love is so powerful in my heart. Your thought is so strong in my heart; I can’t control the feelings I have for you. I feel heavenly to think about you, in your presence I love you and in your absent your love remain fresh in my heart. I miss you, though.

25. She is beautiful, she is cute, she is my lovely wife, I have never been so blessed so much in my life until I found my you, we may be poles apart this night, but I always
keep your unique love in my heart, sleep peacefully, we would meet at dreamland, I miss you.

26. I lay in my bed thinking of you; your sweet thought keeps pouring in my heart. I love you so much; I felt like part of me is missing. I don’t know what to do, how do I see
you now, how can I touch your beautiful again, how can see your angelic smile again, nor hear your sweet voice, I lay here alone, I can’t feel you by my side, the day is long
and boring and the night is much longer and tedious, I only close my eyes but sleep eludes my soul, I miss you my joy.

27. Tears filled my eye each time I think you, not because your memories cause me pain, but because I long to see your beautiful face again. You turn my life around ever since the time that I found you. Like an angel, everything about you is lovely. I can’t face the world alone, You are the only person who makes me happy so much, so I cherish life being beside you. I miss you, my baby.

28. My dream becomes a reality when I found you, and every single day that I spent with you becomes a paradise. Although I may be miles from you now, your sweet words keep my heart warm all the time. Like a beautiful sunrise on the ocean coast, which makes the water glitters like gold, your thought shines in my heart a million times. I miss you.

29. What is life without you, boring and lonely? My heart tries to adjust but fails. My eyes have swollen up because I cried so much. You are a single soul, but you mean the world to me. You are my destiny; we are meant to be together forever; I fall in love with you because I can’t help; you bring joy upon my heart. I live every single thanking
God, I found you, now I’m lonely here looking at the deserted road if I could catch you sight, I sigh when I see some appear that look like you, but not you as he draws closer, I’m dejected, I miss you, my love.

30. You are the joy that never left my heart, you the most daughter in the world, live a beautiful life out there, we would always pray for you here, you mean so much to us,
we miss you.

Being Far Away from Someone and Missing Them


31. May your dreams come true, may your life continue to shine, wishing you the best my dear daughter, I miss you so much.

32. I have been wondering what sweet thought keeps coming to my heart and make smile; I realized that it is your beautiful thought, you are such a wonderful child, I wish God help all the time, I miss you.

33. You can achieve the best if you remain focus and hold on to your dreams, I wish you a memorable time out there, may the Lord give you the wisdom and strength to carry on,
I miss you, my lovely daughter.

34. Have beautiful dreams, plan well, you can make your dreams a reality, I pray that everything is okay for you there, we miss you, and we pray for you.

35. If you believe you can, you would, dearest daughter, always feed your heart with optimism, and the sky would be your limit in everything you set to achieve, I pray for your good time out there, may the Lord take care of you.

36. You are so special to us, and we are happy to have a lovely daughter like you, I miss you so much, but you can only make us proud if you always do the right over there,
God is with you, and He sees all that you do, be right all the time.

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