My Prayers Are with You Quotes

My Prayers Are with You Quotes


My Prayers Are With You Quotes

My Prayers Are With You Quotes




My Prayers Are with You Quotes


1. I have always kept special prayers for you in my heart; you deserve all the good things in life; my prayers are with you all the time.

2. Life is so beautiful to have a lovely man like you as a husband, may God blessing be with you all the time of your life.

3. My heart is full of beautiful prayers for you; you are the better part of my heart.

4. May God smoothen your ways for you wherever you go today, you would always have a special place in my heart.

5. Your presence in my life is life’s greatest gift to me; I pray that my Lord would always bless your heart all the time.

6. I can’t imagine a world without you, in every single moment that passes I pray for you in my heart.

7. I pray God to unlock the door of success for you today, go well, I would always pray for you.

8. I ask God for his bounties for you today, in his hands, all good found.

9. I may not have the money nor a gift to give you every time, but I have one beautiful thing that money can not buy for you every day, I pray for you every day, God bless you every time of your life, thank you for everything that you have been to me.

10. Trust God; he can do everything for you; he knows what your heart conceal, may God answer your beautiful prayers.

11. God blessing in our life is always there for us to see, to sleep last night and awaken today is a huge blessing from God, may God almighty never deprive you of his only grace.

12. You are a blessed soul; God has answered all your beautiful prayers, I pray for you too, I love you.

13. God hears your silent prayers; I pray that every beautiful prayer that crosses your heart would receive a quick answer from God; my prayers are always with you too.

14. May God provides everything right for your soul; you are so beautiful.

15. Don’t wait until things become rough to pray, pray all the time because God is good to us.

16. Prayers are the root of our existence; I pray to God in heaven to bless your heart.

17. You would receive God’s infinite favour where ever you, blessing upon your heart always.

18. I have never stopped praying for you, may the increase you in his bounties, amen.

19. Never doubt the power of prayer, prayer can change anything; I pray that God always listens to the cry of your heart.

20. I have prayed for you already this morning, may the Lord answer the beautiful desire of your heart.

My Thoughts and Prayers Are with You Quotes


21. I have beautiful prayers for you in my heart, may God answer every one of them, good morning.

22. I pray for you every day, and I pray that my prayers make a difference in your life, you would always be special to my heart, I love you so much.

23. Spread love where ever you go, life is too shot to hate one another, forgive those who wrong you so that they can’t imprison your heart, make your heart pour, I pray that
God gives you the strength to carry on in life.

24. Prayers are the fruit of life, the food for the soul; I hold beautiful prayers for you in my heart.

25. You are the sunrise of my life every day; your love is so beautiful in my heart. I pray for you every day; I love you.

26. A beautiful moment is a time that we shared; I can stop praying for you. I miss you.

27. You warm my heart with your love; you have lovely prayers for you all the time, God bless you wherever you are.

28. May your heart find good tiding today, wishing you joy in everything that you would do today, I love you so much.

29. Prayers are the only thing that we always need, and every single moment that comes, I would always pray for you.

30. My heart is full of beautiful prayers for you, may your life continue to receive glorious sunshine.

31. My prayers would follow you wherever you go; you live in a beautiful place in my heart. I love you.

32. Prayer is powerful; that is why I pray for you every day, may your life continue to shine in God’s glory.

33. I seek the Lord beautiful face in your life, if you have God in your life, you have everything, wishing you good all the time, I love you.

34. The power of prayer is enriching to the soul, live in God’s hand; I pray your heart find eternal peace all your life.

35. Prayers purify the soul and elevate it to high heaven; I pray that your heart finds peace and love wherever you go.

36. You would live a life approved by God, may the Lord make every moment a memorable one in your life, best of wishes for you.

37. I pray that life treats you well wherever you are; I have never lived a single time without praying for you. I love you.

38. Prayers clear darkness and bring forth light; I pray that your life would receive light upon a light from heaven today.

39. Don’t be afraid of tomorrow, pray, because prayers are the solutions to every problem.

40. Prayers are the easiest way to reach to God; may God perfect everything in your life.

My Prayers Are Always with You Quotes


41. I beseech my Lord to bless you with a good life, may your worries and fears varnished, and your heart lives in peace all the time.

42. Like a blessing from heaven, your sweet thought descends in my heart this morning, may you be enjoyable for you.

43. God will take you safely to your destination and bring you back safely. I love you so much.

44. I raise my hand’s too high heaven, asking for the good of today for you, may the Lord make your light shine brightly today.

45. I pray that you would find everything that would make your life higher and better today, you have always been the beauty of my soul. I cherish every moment with you.

46. I pray that God bless our hearts together forever, loving you gives me so much joy.

47. You are not alone today; God is with you all the time, live a beautiful life.

48. May your ways are directed to where you would find your success today, I pray for you as much as your thought crosses my heart, I love you.

49. Love is when you find that particular person, you always wish well. I wanted you well wherever you go; I cherish you.

50. May you a life blessed by God every day, I wish you success in everything that you lay your hands.

51. May your heart find peace and joy in what you do, may God be your guide all the time of your life.

52. The day is bright and beautiful, may the blessing of God descend upon your soul.

53. You are the greatest blessing upon my heart; I live and pray for you every day.

54. You have beautiful prayers and wishes, may your prayers receive multiple answers today.

55. You showed me, true love, you brought peace to my heart, you never lack anything dear to heart, God protect you all the time.

56. I keep you in the mighty hands of almighty GOD; he would always care for you.

57. Don’t be afraid when you trust God; he loves those who believe him.

58. God is enough for you in everything; just pray to him alone; he would answer every single prayer of yours.

59. May God crown all your effort today with sweet success, may your heart always finds what would bring joy upon it, live a beautiful life, God is with you.

60. Light upon your heart, light in your feet, and light upon the rest of the world, may God bless your soul.

All My Prayers Are with You Quotes


61. A good heart never lacks; God blessing would never seize to flow in your life, wishing you the best of today.

62. You are beautiful, for my heart is full of beautiful prayers for you. I love you.

63. I care so much about you, which is why I always pray for you, you are happy when you are happy and my sadness when you sad, I don’t ever want to see you sad, may almighty
God bless your heart.

64. For everything that you have been to me, only God can reward you; you would always be in my prayers.

65. May your heart blossom forever, wishing you peace and joy all the time. I love you.

66. A heart of joy, a life of beauty and a dream come true are what I always wish you.

67. You are my moment of joy when I smile; I pray that every time of your life will receive God’s blessing. I adore you.

68. You are the beauty that never fades in my heart; you are beautiful stories that never end on my lip; the only prayer would be sufficient to appreciate you; God has mercy
on you.

69. Don’t be afraid of what tomorrow would bring; God takes care of his own; my prayers are with you.

70. I have never closed my eyes to sleep without praying for you; you are the better part of my heart. I love you.

71. Forever sunshine that touches you today, blessings would follow as much, good morning.

72. I pray that your heart is full of sweet memories, may God infinite mercy always be with you, smile it is the start of a new day.

73. May your heart be filled with harmony today; you would always have my beautiful prayers for you, good morning.

74. I look up to heaven for the fruit of today for you, may beautiful heart finds love and peace always.

75. You are always in my prayer, wishing God’s guidance today.

76. You shall find every beautiful thing that you have asked for today, may the Lord provide for you now and always.

77. Thank you for making looking so good every day. I’m so blessed to have you as my husband; God bless you always.

78. You are heart, so I pray for you every day, may the take good care of you wherever you are.

79. Rise and shine always, your life is blessed by God.

80. For every single step, you take away from home this morning would receive the blessing of God, wishing you a glorious day.

My Prayers Are for You Quotes


81. You have always been the joy of my heart, praying for you has always been a part of my are the only joy in my life

82. You are the harmony that rises in my heart every morning, wishing you God help all the time, live a wonderful today.

83. I looked up a beautiful life with you; my heart filled with beautiful prayers for you, my heart find peace, love and harmony wherever you.

84. Whatever conditions you find yourself always remember God, he is ever ready to take care of you, wishing you a lovely day.

85. Life may hit you sometimes, but dust yourself, get up and keep going, never give up, and we pray for you too.

86. Be steadfast as you move on in life, I may not be there with you always, but my prayers would ever meet you wherever you are.

87. I look up to God for you; he would always be there for you.

88. Everything may come and go, but my beautiful prayers would always remain with you.

89. I will always be there for you in good prayers; I love you.

90. Nothing is above prayer; you would find my heart filled with lovely prayers for you always.

91. Pray all the time, because prayers are the essence of life.

92. Prayers are the beauty of the soul, so I hold you in beautiful prayers in my heart.

93. I pray that the LORD answer every single prayer of your heart. Thank you for being a wonderful wife.

94. May God provide every single of your need today, may every work you do today be rewarded, have a happy day.

95. You are living in my heart every day; I pray for you.

96. I have never seen a person as beautiful as you are, my prayers are with you all the time, may heart find peace always, I love you.

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