Missing Dad Quotes from Daughter

Missing Dad Quotes from Daughter

You Are The Best Father In The Universe

Heartwarming and heart touching quotes to let your beloved father know how much you miss him, these quotes reflect how much you long to see him and bring back those old and lovely memories. A dad will always be his daughter’s hero no matter where he is, she will always carry him in her heart wherever she goes, send these quotes to your daddy to let him know that you miss him, The relationship and bond which fathers and daughters share are very special and unique. The pain of losing your dad might be unbearable but this does not mean that you won’t remember him.

1. I know that if you were here with me, I would have been happier but since you are not here, I have to manage your absence. I miss you, sweet dad.

2. I regret ever allowing you to live my sight. If only I knew, I would have kept you with me till today.

3. Death has its way of taking your loved one. You are gone, sweet dad. Where will I ever see you again?

4. I wish we can just see ourselves again cos it hurts me so much that you are gone and I am still here.

5. Is that business so important dad? We could just stay here together and enjoy ourselves. I love being with your dad.

6. Time will tell whether I see you or not, please make whatever you are doing quick and return to me.

7. You are my precious one and you know it. Why do you have to go and live me anyway? I am still waiting for you.

8. I don’t understand why you have decided to stay away from me until this moment. I miss you.

9. Are you waiting until they announce my death before you come back home? I am missing you already.

10. Dad, I miss every moment we spent together. I wish I could marry you away from mummy but I can’t cos it is an abomination.

11. If my husband didn’t marry me then I would have stayed with you a bit longer right? Oh, what a husband I have.

12. Daddy, you are a wonderful husband to mummy, a kind father to us and an amazing dad to me in particular.

13. If you come back home then you miss me too and I am really happy that you miss me too anyway.

14. I wish that I do the same work as you dad, that I can move to you when necessary and do the necessary things at all times.

15. You may not understand how wonderful you have been to me ever since but you good nurture kept me this far.

16. Mummy left us and you still stood by me, taking care of me and the troubles I gave you. I miss your presence sweet dad.

17. Don’t ever stop loving me dad cos I enjoy been loved by you and all. Buy something for me as you are coming home tonight.

18. If you were here no one will have the guts to hurt me, no one would say that I am stupid cos you never said so to me at all.

19. Even if I were as stupid as a goat, you kept me around you and made me a better person. What a father you are.

20. You know that mothers are always more caring, but in our case, you are more caring and loving and I love you for that.

I Miss You Daddy Quotes

21. Ever since you left sweet dad, all I do is to think harder than I used to because I have lost a precious gem.

22. You can live me here, I don’t care. All I know is that I will come to join you over there someday and some time.

23. I cannot keep missing you like this cos you are all that I desire. I want to be with your dad and not my job.

24. Whenever I needed advice and prayers, I run to you for them and you offer them to me without complaining because you know it is your duty.

25. I don’t mind that you are there, all I want to do right now is to join you even though it is so far from me.

26. I want us to understand ourselves better than how we used to cos I don’t want to ever miss you like this again.

27. Missing my dad is what I hate to do so much but I find myself doing it because it is natural to miss a loved one.

28. You know that if I can get hold of death, I would fire it and ask it to stop working on earth cos it took you away from me.

29. I miss every moment we spent together, even the moments you thought me how to put my sums right.

30. I don’t think that there could ever be a better father elsewhere other than here with me. You are the best father in the universe.

31. I don’t think anyone has a loving father like I do cos if they do, they will never allow them to slip off their hands.

32. I have to tell you the truth dad, you are my one in a million, and no one else is like you and I love that about you.

33. Missing you is all that matters to me right now. I will love you till the end of time and that is a promise.

34. You have to understand that you are so sweet and I desire to be yours till the end of time.

35. Dad, I miss you and it is the truth. Missing is all that I do all day long cos you are nowhere to be found any longer.

36. God knows why you left me here and I really don’t like it that you are far from me right now. I miss you so much.

37. I have not told you this ever since because you have been around me. I say it today because you are not here with me again.

38. I will never stop missing except there can be someone who can replace you. I hope there can be someone anyway.

39. God, I beg you to make my dad know that I miss him a lot and I really want to see him right now so that he can come to me.

40. Thank you, dear father, for loving me so much. I miss this love you showered on me and I wish you are here right now.

I Miss My Dad Quotes for Daughter

41. I want you to know how important you are to me in this life. I wish that you can be a father to me even in the next life.

42. Hopefully, I will see you someday even though I am not really sure about that at all. I wish I can see you.

43. I love you a lot dad and I pray that I can just have a glimpse of you even if it is just once again cos I miss you a lot.

44. You know that you are all that I want to be with right now and yet you are not here. I miss having you around dad.

45. Sometimes, I wonder why you had to just go and live me here. You are all that makes me happy, please come back.

46. I am so sure that you miss me too but you are not saying it. I am so sure that I miss you more than you can ever imagine.

47. I am never ashamed to prove what I believe so much. Dad, I am so unhappy to announce to you that I miss you a lot.

48. Dad, I am so unhappy with you. You promise me that I will never lose you but now you made me miss you.

49. What should I do to you now that you have decided to go and live me? Should I become angry with you or not?

50. If I become so angry with you, what will I gain anyway? Nothing I guess except to have my revenge.

51. I feel like revenging this. You are making me angry and I wish that I can revenge this by making you miss me.

52. If you can handle the fact that I am absent, I cannot handle your absence. Don’t you know that it hurts?

53. It hurts so much that you are not here and I am really sad that you are not with me again. I wish you are here.

54. I want you to always know how I have missed you a lot. You all that completes my whole being and I love you.

55. Ever since you left, I have not been able to know the difference between real love and fake love. All show its face to me.

56. I cannot thank you enough for loving me at this level of my growth. I am who I am today because I have you.

57. I possess this ability today because I have a father like you. Wherever you are doesn’t matter to me anymore cos come back home.

58. I grew with you and all you taught me are still in me cos you are a good parent. I love being your child dad.

59. I don’t know if you miss me, all I know is that I miss to be with you and I pray that you come back soon.

60. Your business meeting is taking time dad and I am getting uncomfortable with it. I want to see you, dad, please come out.

Missing My Dad Quotes from Son

61. I don’t know why you chose your work over me but I want you to know that I am missing you a lot.

62. I really wish that I am with you even though I am your daughter and you are my father. I want to always be with you.

63. I want you to know that I am missing you even though I saw you today. I wish you came to this world as my husband.

64. I think about you all the time but I cannot do more than this because I don’t want mummy to be angry with me.

65. You have never been a bad person to me and I am so proud to be called your child cos you are loving.

66. You are my one in a million dad and I am so happy that I have such a wonderful father. I am so happy to be your child.

67. Do you realize that you are my dad and I am your daughter? I am missing you and you are not here.

68. You can just come over or ask me to come over. Did anyone say that marriage is a barrier to the relationship between father and daughter?

69. I will have no choice but to come looking for you from now on cos I can no longer manage to miss you at all.

70. I miss having you around, I miss your fatherly love and care. I pray that I learn how to control it.

71. I will follow you around if that is what I need to do to keep you aware of the fact that I miss you a lot.

72. I have plans for you even in the future and I pray that I don’t lose you no matter what happens.

73. No matter what happens, I know that there can never be a father out there that is like you.

74. You are simply the best father anyone can think about and trust me when I say that I miss everything about you.

75. I don’t know what you think about me, all I know is that I miss you a lot more than you can even imagine.

76. Even if it means me losing my life in place of missing you, I rather choose death cos missing is worse than death itself.

77. Your presence makes me happy and so excited and I wish that you will continue to be with me till eternity.

78. Even if I get married today, I would love to keep you very close to me cos I really hate missing you.

79. I can’t even imagine a life without you in my life. I am so sure that life would be so unbearable without you in it.

80. I am so sure that mum would be angry with me cos I am taking you away from her. Everyone loves being around you.

Missing My Father in Heaven Quotes

81. You have vowed to be such a wonderful father and a caring husband to mum. You are the sweetest dad in the world.

82. Do you know that I am so happy to be around you as your daughter? What would I have done if you are not my dad?

83. I never lacked anything as your daughter and every child would have loved to be my sibling and I am sure of that.

84. I know that many children dreamt of having you as a father but didn’t get the opportunity. Thank God I have you as my father.

85. So many children are envious of me because I have you as a father and I don’t blame them because I am so blessed.

86. I so much love the fact that I am your daughter. I would have become angry with God if he gave me another father.

87. Even if ten thousand parents were presented to me, I would choose you and any woman you choose as your wife cos I love you.

88. I don’t think anyone can ever make me believe that father is not caring because you are even more caring than mum.

89. Mum has been a busy dad and now you want to join her. I would be lonely without your dad and I am sure you know that.

90. Indeed I am your daughter cos all I do know is your attitude. I remind myself of you all the time and I really miss you.

91. I hope that someday we could see again cos I really miss having a father around me all the time. I miss you.

92. I don’t think that there was ever a time when I lacked when I have you. You work so hard to make me happy.

93. Were there ever a day I disrespected you, I beg you to forgive me, it is still you love that is keeping me.

94. You have been a wonderful father even though I was a stubborn child. You are such a great dad and I love you.

95. I don’t think that there was ever a time when I suffered pain or hunger cos I have you. I miss you around me a lot.

96. Like an angel you came into my life and like a semi-god you kept me strong like a warrior. I love and miss you a lot.

97. What life has shown me in your absence is terrible. I miss having you around me and I regret it a lot.

98. You know so many people thought that you are my bodyguard right? Now you are not here, I wonder how I can cope alone.

99. I have not been able to cope properly ever since you left me. I wish that you will come back to me.

100. Whoever said that a father is not caring has not tasted becoming your child cos if he/she does, he/she would appreciate fathers.

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101. Do we still have a wonderful dad like you out there? If we do then it means that the world is a safe place to be.

102. Having you as my father has helped me a lot and I am so proud that I came across you before now.

103. How can I ever appreciate you for being there for me ever since I was given birth to? You are so amazing.

104. Ever since I got this admission, I stopped having you around always. All I can say to you now is that I miss you a lot.

105. I really miss your fatherly love for me and I cannot have it again now that I am not with you.

106. What life has showed me is enough to always remember that you are no longer with me. I miss you a lot.

107. I wish I had supernatural powers, I would have stopped death from taking you. I miss you a lot sweet dad.

108. I am really lucky to have you as a father but what I regret is not having you around me right now.

109. I am ready to fight anyone who tries to take you away from me including mummy cos I have the right to be your daughter.

110. Not even the devil can stop me from missing you. This is because you are such an amazing father.

111. Which father out there can ever be like you? If I find any, I would take him in cos I miss you already.

112. If I have another opportunity, I would treasure you even more but you are gone. Who can I tell you how important you are to me?

113. What father would live his daughter for another place? You have been a wonderful father except for this part.

114. Sometimes I used to feel that you don’t care about me again. This is because care doesn’t mind if it is mad.

115. We haven’t finished yet dad. You took a decision of living and you didn’t let me know which was wrong.

116. I don’t know what you are achieving from this thing you are doing to me right now, all I know is that I am missing you from it.

117. Maybe you want to punish me for all I have done to you when I was younger. Forgive me if this is a punishment or revenge.

118. How can I be happy when you are an absent dad? Your absence alone causes me pain.

119. What should I do to bring you back home to my dad? I miss having you around me.

120. If I am supposed to pay a ransom to have you back home, I would but you have left me for good.

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121. I am not going to keep malice with you because of the absence cos I miss having you around me.

122. If I keep malice with you, it will never solve the problem of missing you and your absence.

123. We could have settled this matter amicably if you had told me, you didn’t have to go without telling.

124. Mum was the person who offended you and not me, why did you have to go and let me be alone.

125. Having you as my dad is something I will forever burst about because you are actually the best even in your absence.

126. No one can ever take your position in my heart. You are just like a scar that will never disappear.

127. Even though mum is trying to win me over to her side, I don’t think she can because you are the best parent in the world.

128. Mum is trying to remarry and the man is trying to be kind to me but I don’t like him because he wants to be like you.

129. Missing you has become my daily prayers and sayings and I am sure it will make me sick very soon.

130. You think it is easy to live a day without you in my life? How about coming back to find out if I can.

131. I had you at my side but I never treasure you and now I am missing because I am sure you may not be coming back for a longer time.

132. We have to know that we may not be seeing each other for a long period of time. I miss you already.

133. I have so many things to do if you are around me cos I miss you to the extent that I play with you even in my dreams.

134. We have a lot to do when you come back to me. I miss every second we spent together and I mean it.

135. I have a confession to make and I really mean it cos you are not here. I miss you a lot dad.

136. You know that I will do anything to keep you with me right? I miss you a lot and I am ready to do anything to bring you back.

137. I cannot do otherwise except to miss you. Missing you what you want me to do anyway. I miss you a lot.

138. I know that I am just your daughter and not your wife, please can you come back home to us?

139. What you are making us pass through is not fair and you know it. Please make us happy by coming back.

140. You know that missing you is too much now and it is making us sick one after the other right?

Touching I Miss My Dad Quotes

141. Once I get hold of you, I will never allow you to go again because you are all I have left in this house.

142. Even if you are old and cannot take care of yourself, I will help you to recognize me as your daughter by loving you cos I don’t wait to lose you.

143. Most times I feel like to become angry with you for living me behind but I can’t because you are my love.

144. You have the guts to live me behind and become successful right? I am so angry with you cos you make me miss you a lot.

145. Even if I become so annoyed with you, will that bring you back to me? No way cos I know that you are enjoying there more.

146. Don’t ever live me for another place again. I missed you and you know it. Stay with me till eternity.

147. Missing you is the worst part of my life and I hate passing through it cos it hurts a lot more than loving you.

148. Even though you sounded me and made me a better person, you didn’t stay to enjoy the better person you made out of me. I miss you a lot.

149. Your absence makes me unhappy and you are aware of that but I wonder why you don’t want to come back.

150. I want you to know that I am so much in love with you because you are my dad. Will, that brings you to me?

151. Whatever it is a dad, we could settle it if you were around. Living your problems behind doesn’t solve it.

152. You know that you are the best parent I have got right? You don’t have to join mummy so early.

153. You should have waited a bit longer for me to take care of you. I know that I used to be stubborn but no more.

154. Dad, I hope that you are aware that I am getting sick because of your absence. I miss you a lot.

155. We could talk about this if only you allowed us to. Living us in such a hurry is not the best thing to do.

156. I miss the fatherly love and care you gave me when I was much younger. I wish you are here now dad.

157. I don’t know what this is called because you are all that matters to us now dad. Come back home on time.

158. I rather miss you than to miss someone else. If you enjoy missing then remain there and don’t come back for me.

159. We could have gone for this trip together if you had told me earlier. I miss having you around dad.

160. You know that you are the perfect person that I can tell this gossip so I am sending you this to know that I miss you a lot.

Dad in Heaven Quotes from Daughter

161. Whatever it is that happened between you and mum could have been settled for our sake dad. I miss you.

162. If mum offended you, she is your wife and she always listens to you. You should be aware that she also misses you apart from me.

163. If you knew that I was your only daughter, why did you have to live me when you knew that you are my only father?

164. Having a father like you is the best gift I have ever received from God and I wish you would stay till eternity.

165. I have a lot of challenges and it is happening to me because you have gone to a better place to rest.

166. What I should have done was to hold you tight and say that I will never let you go until you realize that I am missing you already.

167. What you are gaining from making me miss you is what I don’t understand cos I miss you a lot already.

168. You know that you are my best parent yet you left me without a warning. I am deeply angry with you.

169. You have so many guts to live my dad. Was that a form of love or care? I am sure you miss me too.

170. You could have seen how annoying this Janet’s father is. He barely understands the language of daughters.

171. Other parents were very annoying today in the PTA meeting. I wished you came then they will know that you are the best. I miss you a lot.

172. What people don’t understand is the fact that you are the most caring father in the world and that you are the best.

173. I tried to write you letters but I couldn’t cos it is a waste of time but I sure have to text you cos I know that you will get it. I miss you.

174. All I want to say to you today is that I miss you and I wish that you will come back to me already.

175. You could have known that having you as my father is what I want to do for a while now. I miss you a lot dad.

176. I know that mummy was at fault and she is really sorry about it already. Why are you still there dad?

177. We have to settle this before mum makes another mistake of marrying another man. You are what I want for mum so come back, please.

178. If I had my way, I would have begged God to keep you for me to enjoy. Those who still have a father are really lucky.

179. Anyone who has a father and doesn’t appreciate him is a coward. I wish I can appreciate you even in your absence.

180. I could have loved you and respected you more when you were alive. Death has rapped you with its cold hands. I miss you a lot.

Quotes from Daughter to Father

181. You know that work is not as beautiful as I am before you yet you left for your work and left me behind.

182. Now I know what it feels like to miss you someone like a father. If you had stayed, I wouldn’t miss you at all.

183. I really enjoyed having you around. Now I don’t have you around anymore, I know it is very difficult for us both.

184. What has made me be this strong is your absence even though I hate to admit that you are no more.

185. If I have to fire death from working then I would because it is working wrongly and I hate that about him.

186. Why does the devil enjoy hurting people? Others fathers were ready to go yet he came and took mine. I miss you, dad.

187. I hate to admit that I miss you a lot and I wish that you are here to bless me now that I am getting married.

188. Why did you have to go so soon? Who will bless me now that I need your blessings more? I miss you a lot.

189. I wanted us to settle this problem before you go but we didn’t, when will you come back again cos I miss you a lot.

190. We have so much to talk about when you come back and that includes why you had to live me in such a hurry.

191. Dad, you need to hurry back home, mum is planning to remarry cos she thinks you will not come back again.

192. You know that we all miss you a lot but you are not doing anything about it and I wonder why that is.

193. If you only knew that I miss you like a body without life then you would have run back home to save me from dying.

194. I will never forget how loving you are and kind you are even to other people. I really miss you a lot dad.

195. You don’t have to go and leave me, you didn’t have to leave me so suddenly. Come back and let’s replay this movement of yours.

196. I have to say this dad and I hope you will not be angry? I hate you because you make me to love you to the extent of missing you too much.

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