Long Distance Relationship Poems for Her with Images

Whenever she is far away, you always feel empty and you always wish she was here with you. The distance they say do no good to any relationship and now you know why they say so.

If there is any way to make her feel close, it is by reassuring of how much you adore and care or her… and how do you do this? Send romantic long distance relationship poems for her.

These long-distance love quotes will bring the both of you closer than ever before and will bring her closer to your heart till you’re able to meet her again in person.

This collection of Long Distance Relationship Poems for Her with Images is for you and yes you! Pick any and start sending to that special lady in your life that is far away…

Long Distance Relationship Poems for Her with Images

Long Distance Relationship Quotes Distance

1. It is has been so long I set my on you the most beautiful woman I ever met in life; truly your absence is really terrible because there is no one to call my own again. Months have passed by yet no sign of seeing your bright face. Wherever you are right now, I beseech the Lord for your complete protection!

2. No matter how distance may separate us, one thing is for sure—your love will never end in my heart. I will keep to loving you until the end of time. You mean the whole world to me my sweet angel and that’s why your absence is always hard for me to bear, safe return my sweetheart!

3. Life is like a football field, if you don’t have the right partner definitely you won’t score the goal; thank God I met a cool headed woman like you who respects and honors her husband. For so long now, you have left me and I’m seriously missing you. I wish you good luck wherever you are!

4. Loving you is always my number one priority when it comes to cherishing men. You alone I think about whenever I’m sad so those beautiful memories can return joy and happiness back to my heart. Today I can’t even see you because you are too far away from me. I miss you and pray that the Lord helps you wherever you find yourself!

5. Many days have passed by yet your face becomes so difficult to find. Months have come and gone but your smile has been long taken away by distance. I am missing your warmth and your smell every day and night. I pray that the Lord should be your strength anywhere, anytime I miss you!

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Long Distance Relationship Quotes For Her

6. Since the day you left, my heart has been broken so I may die unless you come back home as quickly as possible. I am no longer me without you by my side. Baby, I love you and as such wants you to understand that only your human presence can make me happy. Safe journey!

7. It has been long you left I understand but the truth is that your thoughts will always ring back at me because I’m so addicted to you and breathe in your presence. Now I can’t just explain why I feel so lonely, please reunite with me in peace, amen!

8. I can feel it deeply in my heart that you are close, dreaming every day that you are already here with me but get disappointed anytime I open my eyes and find you nowhere beside me—baby please come back home because I don’t want to spend my entire life calling and texting. May the Lord lead you to your destiny, I miss you!

9. I feel the impact of your absence so much that I fell sick over and over thinking I will die before you return home. I am tired of living this life alone in loneliness because I can’t see anyone again but you, baby now and forever my life will be to love you: safe journey I wish to say!

10. In times of peace you were there, in times of sorrow I found you but now that loneliness has come you are nowhere beside me. I wish I am where you are right now so we can spend the best of times together but it seems you are no more coming back to me; I wish for your safe return!

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11. Even if the distanced took you to the highest mountain, my heart will surely find you at any point you may be because I now have mind navigators to track you down. I am deeply in love with you and so may lost my breath without you by my side. I really miss you—safe and sound health!

12. My wish for you is to find the face of the Lord wherever you are right now; but I am so lonely because there is no one else that can make me happy as you do. Light has been taken from my heart along your journey please come back safely!

13. I wish you understand the depth of my love for you maybe you won’t take even an inch away from beside me. I am truly into you that you are now the air I breathe. My dear angel, come back home and fill the space of loneliness in my heart!

14. I love you and everything relating to you and the reason is that you are such a special kind of woman who deserved to be loved deeply. A distance may play its role but nothing can separate us now and for the rest of my life. Sound health baby!

15. My life without a doubt is incomplete without you because you are like the eyes with which I see, like the lungs with which I breathe and like the air in which I live. My sweet angel, I miss you with all my heart. I wish for your safe return!

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Long Distance Relationship Quotes Images

16. Loving you is like a treasure that sparks forever; it gives me a pleasure having waked up and I find the most beautiful woman right beside me but now my heart is so sad because you are too far away from me. I must say, I miss you so much. Safe journey!

17. I lean my heart on you so it can be safe; I put my trust on you because you are truthful. You are the reason why I’m always happy my sweetheart. I don’t care how much we have been separated for months; all I know is that I am in love with you. God bless!

18. I love you without compromise and cherish you with all my heart. You mean the world to me and that’s why your thoughts will never leave my mind now and forever. You are the most beautiful woman on earth- wish you good health!

19. Wherever you are please remember that a heart is at home waiting for you, hoping to find you right before me. I want to be where you are so my heart will once again be filled with joy. I am so lonely expecting to be with you now; I miss you, my sweetheart!

20. Hours have separated us for so long yet your love remains the same in my heart. I want you to rest assured that no distance can stop me from loving you—because you have proven to me how much your sincerity is with me. I wish you a prosperous life where you are!

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21. I love you my dear angel and that’s why your absence keeps returning sorrow in my heart. I miss your voice, smile, giggles and the cool kisses you showered onto me. I love your presence and what pains me most is the fact that I hate not finding you beside me. Safe trip my sweetheart!

22. I am the only one that suffers your absence because only you I keep in my heart among millions of women. No woman has been able to touch my heart as you did since the day I was born. You are so strong to have succeeded in taking away my heart with you, safe return sweetheart!

23. I wish to see that smiling face of yours that brings joy into my life, that sweet voice that melts my heart and puts me in love comma. You are a special kind of angel that brings joy into my life and I wish you every good thing wherever you may be!

24. I love your lifestyle and that golden moment I spent with you the other day before you left but the longer you stay; the stronger I keep recalling the sweet moments we have spent together. I hope you come back in sound health!

25. You are my dream come true the one I cherish with all my heart. I wish you all the best in life, today and for the rest of your days. I wish I can reach out to you right now then that super urge to meet you may be suppressed. Wishing you sound health!

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26. I can’t be happy without you beside me my dear angel. You are the most interesting person I have come across in my life. When I was alone, you became my joy, when I was sad you became my strength but now that distance has taken you far away, my heart remains seriously attached to you—safe journey!

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27. You are my dream come true, a special kind of angel that mesmerizes my heart with complete joy. I love you and everything that relates to you. Although distance has taken my joy away with you nothing can stop me from thinking about our love now and forever. I wish you good in life!

28. Distance may act as it does but it cannot take your love away from my heart. I love the very first day I set my eyes on you and till this very moment, I will always cherish you. I want you to understand that you mean the world to me, a safe trip my sweetheart!

29. You may be far away but the truth is that I will always be by your side in my heart. I am wishing you all the best in life wherever you may be. Baby, I miss you, truly there is no doubt. Now and for the rest of your life—may the favor of the Lord be upon you!

30. For so long my joy has left me and now in another place where my sight cannot reach. A place where only the heart can feel but the beholder of beauty cannot see. I love you my angel and that’s why I cannot live without you. I really miss you, sweet journey!

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31. A day cannot pass by except that I find a reason to fall deeper in love with you. A day cannot pass by except that your thought will always flow in my heart. There is no second that passes by but my loneliness keeps hurting me because you are far away. I wish you all the best!

32. I cherish you with all my heart, the most beautiful woman of my life—among millions of ladies, only you my heart has chosen. I wish to see you now but distance has taken away from me but my love for you will always grow in speed of light. Safe journey my sweetheart!

33. I may find no means to reach you now but always have it in your mind that you are the only woman my heart has chosen. There is nothing that can separate us not even the longest distance or the most terrible fight on earth, God forbids! Good luck where you are!

34. Wherever you are, I wish you joy and happiness that has no bounds. I wish you all the best in life. Baby the first day I set my eyes on you, I knew you are my dream come true. Safe trip!

35. Since the day you went for that excursion my heart has been longing to meet you soon because you are the only angel that can put a smile on my face, baby I just want you to understand that I really miss you, safe journey!

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36. When I met you, I met the dream woman of my life; I played with you and had the best of the moment around you until this distance snatched you away from me. I wish you a prosperous life where the journey may take you to, baby I miss you!

37. There is no period I hate most like the period of departure between you and me and the reason is that of the sad feelings that come to my heart without you beside me. You are the most beautiful lady I have ever met in life so your absence makes me bored. Sound health till your return!

38. I wish I can make one thing possible in this life; perhaps that thing will have been that distance be cancelled because it always makes me sad whenever it takes your presence away from me. Distance really deals with me in your absence. I hope to see you soon!

39. My love for you can never be broken by anyone at all because I am already into you like the sponge is to the soap. My life can never be separated from yours because we are one already. Loving you will only make me younger nothing can stop us. I pray that the mercy of God be yours!

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40. The judgment of my mind tells me something special about you of which I will always be ready to show to you—it tells me that you are the apple of my heart, the best friend and most cute partner I found in life; have a wonderful trip, my love!

41. As far as this life continues to exist, no one or distance can separate us. I mean it with sincerity and that should be a true stand upon your heart that I will never betray you—my love for you has no end because you are worthy to be loved, I miss you, safe journey!

42. In the innermost part of my heart, I keep a treasure for you which no one can touch beside you. I kept my trust for you in the safest part of my mind so I can always think of you even in the far distance. I wish you all the blessing of the Lord wherever!

43. I never knew that this is how sweet love can be until I met you, my angel. I have never thought that tears of passion will drop from my eyes until I set my eyes on you. Now my heart is so much attached to you wishing you the best in your abode!

44. You are a very important person in my life for this reason; I want you to note in your mind that I will never betray you even if your journey is to take the end of times. You are the one my heart picked among billions of angel in the world. Baby return in good health!

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45. When the time comes, you will see how powerful the love I have for you. I will let you know how important you are in my life. Had it been that the time is by my side, I will have been where you are right now even if it takes me years to reach you. I miss you, sound health baby!

46. For all the beautiful things you’ve done in my life during your presence with me, I want to appreciate. In this moment, your face is so hidden from me I know but one thing I’m sure about is that your mind will always be with—this is the level of how I trust you. No matter how far that place may be, I will always be patient to meet soon!

47. About the love I have for you in which no human can quench the burning fire it comes along with. Those eyes that raise my burning desires to want to meet you every day of my life. I wish to see once again. I miss you and may God bless you!

48. Until you come back home then I will show you how much sadness your absence has caused to me. I will show you the consequence of leaving me for this long time by showering you with bunch of kisses. I wish you maximum protection. I miss you!

49. Like the affinity of the root of trees to water, I feel for you every now and then. Like the passion of the mango tree for sunlight, I wish to see you soon and like the desire of bear for fish, I am willing to grab you and bury you with cute kisses. I miss you and I beseech the Lord for your safety!

50. The importance of a man is found in the heart of a good woman, that God I met the very type of woman I have been searching for. I met the most beautiful woman on earth. Hope you are fine where you are? I just want you to know that I really miss you my sweetheart, safe journey dear!

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