I Miss Your Poem for Her Long-Distance

I Miss Your Poem for Her Long-Distance




I Miss Your Poem For Her Long Distance

I Miss Your Poem For Her Long Distance



Long-Distance Relationship Quotes and Prayers for Him



I Miss Your Poem for Her Long Distance; Here are some lovely test to send to your love once


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1. How time flies without you by my side, every single day I sit here and think about you, I want to tell you that your blossom in my heart every minute that passes, I miss you.

2. You are everything that makes me happy, sunshine in my heart for every day; your loves lives in my heart like a sweet memory, I miss you.

3. I don’t want to live a lonely life any more; I want to be with my sweetheart every day, your thought never left my heart for one second; life is boring without you. I pray that someday I would be with you forever and never leave your side. I miss you so much.

4. Every single moment I spent with you was memorable. I dreamt of you long ago before we met. Whenever I see your face, it is as if I have just seen an angel, and when I
touch you, it is as if I have felt an angel. I missed everything bout you; it; it is so hard to live without you by my side. I pray to see your beautiful face soon.

5. My dear Bella, I miss your beautiful face, your mind-awakening smile, and I miss your loud laughter that blows my heart with ecstasy. You are my world of beautiful
memories; I don’t pray to spend a day more without you, I want to see your beautiful face again, I want to hold your lovely hands in mine, I want to kiss your sexy lips again,
I miss you so much.

6. Dearest your eyes are my sunshine, your voice is my music, and your touch is so electrifying. I’m lost in your sweet thought; I’m entangled in the web of your love. My heart is full of your joy; my eyes are full of your tears without you. When I close my eyes, I remember everything about you; I want you more in my life, this distance is killing me softly. I miss you so much.

7. I dream of you every night; I think of you every day; you are the angel of my life. I cherish you. I adore you. I’m so crazy abutting you; no one has ever made me feel this way before. Listen to my heart; it beats for you; hear my voice it quivers because of you. Look at my eyes you would see the reflection of your love that I have kept for you there; I miss you, please come back soon.

8. I see the rising of the sun that wars my heart with so much love. I live in a beautiful world with you, I may be far from you now, but your beautiful memory is evergreen in my heart. Life is cherishing; life is sweet because of you, I miss you like the butterflies miss the flowers.

9. Your love is a blessing to my heart, loving you makes me feel better every day, you are a special gift from heaven, you are so beautiful, your love radiates in my heart every single moment that passes. I can’t even imagine how my life would be without you. I’m deeply in love with you; I need now to calm my heart. I miss you so much.

10. Wake up my sweetheart; I am sending you a ferry loaded with love for your heart this morning, I dreamt of you all through the night. I feel so happy when I think of you;
no one can take your place in my heart. I love you so much; I miss you too.

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11. My dear Loretta, do know much you mean to me, do you know that I live every day thanking God that I found you, you are my sunshine, I would always make you happy, I
promise to be with you soon, I missed you.

12. I sit here every day and look at the lonely road adjacent to the house, I pray that I would see you coming in the distance, my heart is lonely, my eyes are misty, I think
of you, I would be right here until you come back, hear my heartbeat, I miss you.

13. You keep me awake in the middle of the night, in the chilly weather; even the thickest blanket can’t be safe me from the cold. If you were here, I know I would have beaten the cold. And when little sleep overtakes me, I dream sweetly of you. You are the love of my heart, I fell in love with you the first day that I saw you, I want to spend the
rest of my life with you, I want you to be mine forever, I love you, no matter the miles between us now, I would always wait for you.

14. You may be far away, yet your love is rooted in my heart. Look at the oceans how beautiful they are, look at the sky in the night how majestic and splendid it looks. You are the star that shines brightly above me, I’m blessed with a beautiful soul like you, wherever you are now, I want you to know that I love you and I would always keep my promise to you, I miss you too.

15. I knew how beautiful it is to love and be loved back, o thou are just too cute for my heart, you an angel sent from heaven to me. God bless your heart, God bless your ways, and you would be the love of my heart. I miss you.

16. I found a beautiful soul, I found a wonderful heart, and you keep me on my toes for love. Life was cute when you came and still enjoyable now. Look at me now if you can see me, you would see the beautiful smile on my face to think about you. I found you; I found my eternal bliss, an angel from paradise, I would live with you forever. I would love you to the moon; no distance can steal your love from my heart. I love you so much.

17. I believe in miracle because you are my miracle; I believe in true love because you brought true love to my heart. Like a shining light, your love radiates in my heart,
when I kiss you one time, I feel the sweetness in my heart all through the day. When holding you close to my chest, I want you to feel my heartbeat, every single beat of my heart confesses my love for you, I would hold you tight, I would live forever, I miss you so.

18. An hour is like a day; a day is like a year without you, I cherish you so much, I wish that you were by the side now. Life is so dull without you; I dream of you every night ever since the time that you have gone.

19. You are beautiful, I fall in love with you every single moment that I think of you, the distance may steal you away from me now, but it does not take my heart away from you, though I miss you my love forget stronger and better every day that passes, I love you.

20. Love is the silent unspoken language of my heart for you, implicit because you are far away from me now. I want to see you; I want to touch you. I want to whisper some sweet words to your heart; I miss you more than anyone else.

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21. I dream of you every night, I think of you every day, your love is so beautiful in my heart, and the only thing that makes me feel so lovely. I need you in my life all the time; I hope that I would see you soon. I miss you.

22. There may be thousands of miles between us now, but yes, my heart feels an inch closer to yours, you live in my heart every day. I miss you; I love you.

23. It is so hard to live here without my beautiful angel by my side; I look up at the sky above, I wish I can see your beautiful face in the moon, I hope that something would bring me to you now, my heart is eager to be with you, I miss you.

24. I’m the butterfly, you are the flower, you attract me all the time, you are the water, and I’m a fish, I need you all the time. Life is unfair to me because it takes my love away; loneliness filled my heart. I’m sad and no one to console me, when would I see you again, I miss you.

25. Love is sweet, life is good because I found you, my dreams are full of you, and you are the angel of my heart. Your thought filled my heart like the ocean water, I smell you everywhere that I go, I love you, and I miss you too.

26. You make my heart skip in joy every time that I think of you. I thank God that I found the beautiful angel of my life. I can’t explain how good I feel to have you in my life, my heart grow fond of you every single day that passes. You shine like the moon and glitters like the star in my heart; you are the gorgeous woman that I have I ever seen, I miss you.

27. Let me tell you how I feel when I’m with you, I think paradise close to my heart, and when you are away, the world is like an empty place to me. You are the joy that pops up in my heart every single day; words can’t express how much you mean to me, I miss you.

28. Like an angel from heaven, you come into my life and make everything beautiful. When I look deep into your eye, I see the passion of sweet love in your eyes. I know what is in your heart; I know how much you love me. I never want to spend a single day without you by my side; please come soon let me love more. I miss you.

29. Life is boring to live without you; I cherish all the time I spent with you, they are my beautiful moment, please my love, come back soon, I miss you.

30. I cheerful heart is what I have for you; no one can take my love, I love you with every beat of my heart, that’s why I miss you so much, please come back soon.

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31. I miss you; you stole my heart away when you go, I beg you bring back my heart, you are the only one that makes me feel so special, a dream of a beautiful world with you in my arms, I love you.

32. Life is beautiful; life is cherishing because I found you, I miss you so much.

33. Let hold each other’s hands again and walk down the orchard, let kiss one more time under the loath tree, I have beautiful memories of you all the time, thank you for making my life attractive, I miss you.

34. You are the sunshine of my life; I must let you know that you are so beautiful to my heart. I pray to spend all my life with you; I miss you.

35. My dear angel, you are always on my mind day and night, I can’t think of a single moment when your sweet thought doesn’t cross my mind, you are the joy of my heart, I
miss you so much.

36. You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are cherishing, you are everything to me, that is why I miss you so much.

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