I Miss Your Beautiful Face Quotes

I Miss Your Beautiful Face Quotes



I Miss Your Beautiful Face Quotes

I Miss Your Beautiful Face Quotes


I miss your beautiful face quotes;


I Miss Your Beautiful Face Quotes

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1. I wish I can erase you from my mind, but I can’t, I miss you.

2. It’s hard not to see or talk to that particular person that you love so much; I stared at the empty room, no one to talk to, lonely is my heart, I miss you, babe.

3. You know how much I cherish just a hug from you in a day, holding you make me so happy, and I miss your cute smile too.

4. Like beautiful sunshine, your thought rise in my heart every morning, I don’t know what I would do without you, I miss you my gorgeous.

5. It is now I know that I can’t live without you, I miss your laughter, your smile and your sweet voice. I miss you so much, my angel.

6. Without you here, the sunshine of day is dull, but your thought shines brightly in my heart, you illuminate my world with your beautiful love, I cherish you, I miss you.

7. You have become part of life, nothing can take you away from me, if you are far away, I can only miss you, but your love continues to thrive in my heart.

8. I have vowed to be there for you no matter what happens; you make everything beautiful when you came into my life. I miss you so much.

9. A lonely world is what I feel ever since you travel, you shared in my beautiful dreams, so I miss you so much, I pray you to come back soon, God bless your soul.

10. The sweetheart though your sweet memories refuse to leave my heart, however sweetness I feel in my heart when I think of you, is not equal to holding your lovely hands in mine, I miss you.

11. You are dearest to my heart, I feel so happy to live with you, I miss you, and a day without you is like a year to my heart.

12. Wherever you go again, please take me with you, do not leave me here alone, loneliness is killing me softly, I miss your beautiful face all the time.

13. A day without you is hard to live; I want to spend a lifetime with you, please come back soon, I miss you.

14. When I found you, my heart found a lasting joy, even in you’re absent, I close my eyes and the sweet memories that we shared overwhelmed me. I love you so much.

15. You are m perfect world; life is dull without you, please don’t these pranks with my heart any more, take me with you wherever you go, I miss you.

I Miss Seeing Your Beautiful Face Quotes



16. You would meet me where you left me; I have found it extremely difficult to cope without you. I miss your beautiful face.

17. What is useful is life without you; I tried to get going, but it is just hard, I miss you, please come back to me.

18. Your guess is as good as mine is, I miss you so much, I want to be with you there, I love you.

19. Whatever happens, I pray that the Lord take care of you over there, I miss you.

20. My eyes and my heart look await your glorious return; I miss you.

21. Ever since you have gone, nothing seems interesting to me any more, until I see your beautiful face again, then I would cherish life still, I miss you.

22. You are like a missing brick in a wall; no one can fill the gap that you have left in my heart, I miss you so much.

23. How bad it hurts to miss someone you love, I miss you so much, baby.

24. Every single minute that passes from the day that you left, I miss you, I cherish you so much in my heart, I hope you would home soon.

25. If I say I miss you so much, it an understatement, words cannot express how much you mean to me, I love you.

26. If you don’t know how much I miss you, think of how much I love you.

27. I hope that you miss me as much as I miss you too.

28. Loving someone is beautiful, but missing someone is heartbreaking, I miss you because I love you so much.

29. You are so beautiful; I wish I never had to miss you for a single minute; you hold my world in great awe.

30. I dreamed of a girl like you and found you; you’re my dream come true, please don’t stay long before you come back, I miss you so much.

I Miss Your Beautiful Face Poem

31. Out of the beautiful wishes that I have every day, I pray that one would always come true, that you would never leave my side; I don’t know how to live without you, you mean so much to me.

32. My heart is full of your beautiful thought all the time. I miss you; I wish you would be back soon.
33. I hope I’m in your mind as much as you are in my mind too, I can endure any pain, but I can’t take the pain of missing you.

34. Dearest, wherever you bail me out, I’m so sick now, and your kiss and smile is the only medicine I need to make a cure, living without you is difficult, I miss your beautiful face.

35. I stop eating since you left, I need you to put some food in the mouth just how you usually do, you don’t know how much happiness you have brought to my heart, I miss you so much.

36. You are so beautiful; you shine in my heart like a million stars, life is cruel without you, I miss you so much.

37. You are happy when I’m happy; I never that life could be so beautiful until I found you, it’s a happy life with you. I miss you.

38. I would always wait for you, no matter how long it takes you to come back, it’s you I love with all my heart, I miss your gorgeous face.

39. You make me speechless when I look into your beautiful eyes, I have never seen a girl as beautiful as you before, my heart beat faster when I held you in my arms, you are paradise, thanking for being my wife, I miss you.

40. It’s a beautiful sunrise, and I wish you were rising in my arms now, I dreamt sweet of you last night, you would ever be my sweet dream forever, I love you.

41. Dear love, first I want to thank God that I found you, secondly, I want to pray that I should never spend a day with you again, it’s tough to live without you, I miss you so much.

42. You are the beauty of the soul; I miss you so much. I wish that I would see your lovely face now; you make my world a beautiful place.

43. When I have you in my arms, I feel paradise in my heart, I miss everything about you, and you are the cutest wife in the world.

44. I miss you, my love, I miss your beautiful smile, your lovely voice, and you’re teasing me, life without you is so annoying.

45. Rising from bed this morning, your sweet thought rise in my heart again, the world is beautiful because I found you, you are the dream of my heart, I love you.

46. You are the love of my heart; I cherish you every single moment. I miss you so much.

47. If I have you forever, I know I have everything in life, I pray that your heart always is filled with love, I would be back into your lovely arms soon, I miss you.

48. I wake up every day praying to find you by my side; I go out every day praying to bump into you when you go, you go with a piece of my heart, I miss you.

49. You give so many unforgettable memories; life is cheerful to have a beautiful heart like you around, I miss you.

50. Like blessings from heaven, your beautiful thought descends upon my heart every day; I miss you.

I Miss Seeing Your Beautiful Face


51. You held my night in beautiful dreams; you are one particular person that can never leave my heart. I miss you so much.

52. You make me happy when I think of you; I miss you, my beautiful heart.

53. I don’t care what it would cost me to see you now have missed you so much.

54. You are the beautiful memories that never leaves my heart every day, like sunshine you warm my heart with sweet love, I miss you baby.

55. If you know how special you are to me, you would realize how much I miss you.

56. You make me like a broken wings bird when I can see you; I miss you so.

57. Your thought never leaves my mind for one second ever since the time that you are gone; I miss everything that we use to do together.

58. Any time you are away from the house, I feel as if the whole world is empty, it is so difficult to cope without you, I miss you my joy.

59. Everything about you is beautiful to my heart; I have never found another person that makes me happy as you do, I miss you.

60. You are a moon of my heart; you illuminate my world with your love and care, I miss you, my love.

61. No matter how long it takes you to return, I would always wait for you, a day with you is like a year of endless bliss, I miss you.

62. I live in a world of beauty because of you; you are my beautiful heart, hope you would back soon, I miss you.

63. Like an angel from heaven, you came into my life and changed everything; I’m blessed with you, I love you, just to let you know that I would be home soon, I miss you too.

64. If there is one thing I wish for right now, it is to see your beautiful face; you are the sweetest thing in my heart. I miss you so much.

65. I don’t know how I can live alone without you, just a few days that you are gone, my heart feels so lonely, and I miss you.

I Miss Seeing Your Beautiful Face Quotes

66. Your sweet thought occupies my heart right now; I wish I can see your beautiful face now. I miss you so much.

67. Life is a living hell without you; my heart is eager to see you again. I miss you.

68. You are every that I ever wanted in life, I’m sick of being here alone, I need you around me, I miss you baby.

69. I have vowed to stay with you forever. I miss you so much.

70. I don’t live another day without you; my heart is dying to see you, I miss you.

71. I look outside from my window every morning if I can catch a glimpse of you. I miss you so much.

72. Watching the stars glittering in the night, I remember everything about you; you sparkle my heart, I miss you.

73. I live every day in your beautiful memories. Thank you for everything you have been to me. I miss you.

74. Be bright and shine wherever you are, but remember that someone misses you here.

75. I pray that you are fine over there, you mean so much to me, I miss you. You are my heart when it beats, you are my smile when I smile, and you are my tears when I cried,
you are everything that I can ever imagine, I miss you, sweet darling.

76. I can’t imagine life without you; I would freeze, you are so beautiful to my heart. I miss you so much.

77. Sweet love, I miss you like fishes miss the water like the birds miss their broken wings, you are everything to me, I adore you so much.

78. I pray you to receive this message now; I pray it would touch your heart; I can’t sleep every night because you are not by the side, my heart aches me, I miss your beautiful face, please take me with you.

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