I Miss You So Much Quotes For Him and Her

When you want to say something beyond the usual I Miss You, you can go for these I Miss You so Much Quotes. These are well-crafted quotes perfect for that person you’re missing so much.

I Miss You So Much Quotes For Him and Her

1. From the depth of my heart, feel for you a passion that can never be killed now and forever. I feel that love that only true lovers can feel. I cherish you so much my sweetheart even in the darkest hour of the night my heart never sleeps but thinks about you. The distance is far but your presence is with me. I miss you so much!

2. No matter where you are far or near, my love will continue to be for you alone. Now and forever, I will always remember you for the genius that you are. I may not be able to give you all that you need in life but I will always be yours, I Miss You this Much!

3. Your absence has kindled the burning desire in my heart to always want to be with you—it has caused more loneliness to me than the pleasure I derive from remembering all the sweet moments we have spent together. Your return is my concern may God bless you!

4. I have a reason to be happy always and be sad just once in a while; I am happy always whenever you are around me but sad in a while as you step your toes away from me, now and forever I wish you the best wherever you may be, I miss you very much!

5. The worst is now that distance has taken you away for so long as though you will never come back again. I am tired remembering you all I want to see are your beautiful face and passionate smile; I wish you a wonderful quest!

I Miss You So Much Quotes for Him

6. My life is incomplete without you and that is why I will always miss you whenever a quest warrants you’re leaving. I love that powerful smile that emanates from the sweetest part of your heart and that lovely impact you show to me whenever we are together. I Miss You so Much!

7. I beseech the Lord to endow you with all the best in life, give you all your life desire and make you the best wherever you are. I miss you so much my dear love, take care of yourself! As long as I am alive, your love will never die in my heart!

8. I miss you so much my love but it does not really matter because no one or anything can terminate the burning fire of your love in my heart. Although distance has done its own part to millions of other women, you alone I will love till eternity, safe journey, I Miss You very Much!

9. I wish I can reach out to you in person because I’m tired of text messages. I want to see your face, smile and walking steps. I want to hear your giggles, feel your body and kiss you endlessly. Every day of my life; sound health wherever! I Miss You real Much

I Miss You So Much Quotes for Her

10. I love the entire reason why I met you because truly God has joined me with the perfect woman. I feel the pains you went through just to make me happy by bearing my children. I know it is not easy being a woman. I just want to wish you a safe journey, I miss you!

11. Many days have passed by and yet I can see my sunshine the only lady that encourages me to lead this life with patience. I must confess that I have never met a kind-hearted woman like you before; anywhere you are now, may the peace of the Lord be yours now and forever! I Miss You so Much

12. My wishes are to be sound in health, have enough money to take good care of myself and the people around me and to always be by your side. All my wishes were granted but distance hijacked you before me—good luck in your trip!

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13. The only woman that can make me happy is not here with me; she is the treasure that I adore, the only single rose in the garden of love. I wish you all the best in all your quests until you return home safely to reunite with me!

14. Your touches, kisses, hugs and passion have for long be missed since the very moment you left my sight. That wonderful moment I used to spend with you has for long been snatched away by your absence. My prayer right now is to reunite with you in sound health, I miss you!

15. I just want you to no that no matter far you are before my sight, the face of the cutlass will always remain one. No one can replace your love in my heart. You are my dream lady and I found you, safe journey my love!

I Miss You so much Messages

16. For the rest of my life, I am wishing you all the best this life can bring. I am really in love with you though you may not know the level but the truth is that I chose you as my wife, friend and best of companion. I wish you good luck wherever!

17. I was amazed to find out how much I miss you since the day you left. I wish to let you understand that no one can replace you no matter how far you have gone. I love you my dear love the most interesting woman I ever come across. I wish you safe journey!

18. Detachment has proven cruel since the day you went for the quest, yet I cannot possibly give a reason why I’m just into you like never before. It could be because you are too romantic or because you are too sweet, whatever it is all I wish you is the best until you return!

19. Light is when the one you love so much is by your side, comfort is when the one you cherish most is always at your reach but sadness is when your one and only joy has been taken away by distance, I miss you and hope for your safe return!

20. Baby you are the rose flower I love robbing on my body to give me the feeling of coolness, sweetness and passion. I wish to let you know that only you among millions of women I wish to spend the rest of my life with. I miss you my baby—sound health love!

I Miss You so Much Sayings

21. Until you are back then I will refill my joy and happiness once again. I will be cheerful once again and my heart will know peace. No matter how far your quest took you, I will always remember you in my heart. I pray for your safe return!

22. Time may delay us from reaching each other, a distance may hinder me from touching you but nothing can stop my feelings for because you are worthy of being loved, cherish and cared for. I wish you all the best in life wherever you are!

23. The joy I derive from loving you is enough to make me smile in every day of my life, the passion that emanates from the powerful smile you cast at me mesmerizes my heart and makes me fall deep in love with you; until you return in good health I miss you!

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24. I may not be able to bring you back from the far distance but I believe that my feelings for you will push you back to me. I hope everything is fine where you are? Though my wish is to find you right before me. I miss you, God’s protection my sweetheart!

25. I wish you a sound health wherever you may be. I pray that the Lord should shower you with your entire desires. Baby, I really miss you; I want you to come back home as soon as possible to refill the space of my happiness, safe journey!

26. I am pleased been in love with you because you are special, amazing and the most beautiful woman on earth; if I may ask, how on earth can someone be luckier than having the best woman in this world? I pray you come back home soon. The journey is long but you are close to me!

27. Years have set us apart, months are standing between us, hours are counting and seconds are ticking yet your love still lives in my heart. No distance can separate us because you are a special gem. I pray that the Lord showers you with the reign of success wherever you are, I miss you!

28. If I can feel the impact of your love in every second then why won’t I miss you now that you very far away from me? Why won’t I be sad not finding the one I truly love beside me? I love you with all my heart. I pray for your safe return!

29. If I can possibly tell you something then it is the fact that I can’t live without you around me, every night and day my mind is filled with your love ad passion. Tears of passion flow on my cheeks just to see you once again. I miss you—safe journey!

30. Distance has done a terrible thing to my heart since the very day you left for a far distance as though you won’t return again. Months are already counted between us, hours have gone yet I cannot set my eyes on you. I wish you prosperity where you are!

Miss You so Much Romantic Quotes

31. I really miss you my dear angel the one that gives me joy whenever I am sad but now you are no where to be found. I wish to let you understand that without you my life will be bored. I miss your smile, voice, beautiful face and cheerfulness. I pray for your safe return!

32. The love I have for you have no bound and the passion I find been with you is endless. I wish you all the best in life. I am so much in love with you now and for the rest of my life but one thing hated most is to see you walking away before me to a far distance. Safe journey my love!

33. When I set my eyes on you, I knew I’ve met the perfect woman of my life. You are my dream come true the most beautiful queen of my life the one I cherish with passion. But now you are too far away from my reach, how do I find peace in my heart? I wish you sound health!

34. No matter how far the distance has taken you I will always remember you in my heart. Your love will never even in one second be moved out of my heart. May the Lord be pleased with you in your shelter wherever you are, I miss you!

35. The thousands of miles that separate us can never terminate my feelings for you, now and till the end of time—no one can put asunder between us. I love you from the nooks to the cranny of my heart. I wish you a very sound health wherever you are!

36. My joy where are you? I hope I can set my eyes on your beautiful face once again. The first day I met you, I realize how wonderful you will be as a wife. I am so addicted to hear your sweet voice, feel your body and feel the passion of your kisses. Safe trip ahead!

I’m Missing You Very Much Messages

37. I pray that the Lord brings you back home safely in full protection so you can once more put smile on my face. You are my dream come true and you also mean the world to me, now and forever, I wish you good luck!

38. This separation between us is too far—I can no longer bear it. The miles are too much; I can’t wait to see your face. Months have gone by yet you are no where beside me. I wish you all the best in life. Wherever you are, may the Lord protect you!

39. In my heart I keep for you a beautiful flower that never dries and it is my true love for you. I can go to jail just for you, I can do everything I’m capable of doing just to prove to you how much you mean to me. I miss you and wish for your safe return!

40. Loving you is like a sweet chocolate it tastes so great in my heart. You are my darling princess and every day of my life I will continue to cherish you until the end of time. I really miss everything about you from the beginning till the end. May your days be filled with joy!

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