I Miss You so Much, Baby

I Miss You so Much, Baby


I Miss You So Much, Baby

I Miss You So Much, Baby


I miss you so much;

I Miss You so Much, Baby


1. You are my life; you are a joy. I miss you; please come back soon.

2. Every single that passes since you have gone, my life has never been the same again, you have gone with my heart, I miss you so much.

3. You are everything to me; my heart stops beating the day you left, please come back to me. I miss you.

4. I have dreamt of a beautiful life with you. I hold you in great love in my heart; I hope you would come back soon. I miss you.

5. If you know how much I love you, then you would know that I miss you so much.

6. Life is so good to share a space with you; I have always kept a beautiful place for you in my heart. I would forever be sweet love; I miss you.

7. Though I would not say I don’t miss because I miss you, but that the sweet memories you left in my heart have always kept warm.

8. You are one beautiful thought that I can’t take from my heart, I miss you.

9. I would be waiting for you, no matter how long it takes you to come back, my love for you would never reduce and inch, I love you so much, and I miss you too.

10. The sweetness of your thought in my heart deposit so much happiness in my soul, dreaming sweetly of you is my every night hubby, thank you for leaving a beautiful memory in my heart, I miss you, my sweet love.

11. You are one person that I can’t stop thinking of, hope everything is ok with you over there, may God bless everything that you do, I miss you.

12. When you came into my life you make everything beautiful; I want to spend the rest of my life with you, please come back soon, and let me hug and kiss you again, I miss you.

13. The more I think of you, the more I miss you, I can’t just stop thinking of you, you are everything to my heart, I miss you.

14. Your thought creeps into my heart every single minute, thank you for making my dream world possible, I miss you.

15. Live like a king where ever you are; you are the best man in the world. I pray that God bless your heart every day. I miss you.

I Miss You so Much Baby Quotes


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16. You have travel for a purpose, may your expectations be met, goodnight, I miss you, baby.

17. I can’t stop loving you; you are my beautiful heart. I miss you.

18. To be with you forever is my dream; you are the joy of my heart. I miss you. Hope to see your handsome face soon.

19. It so beautiful to spend my life loving you, you make me happy every single moment of my life. I will be waiting for you with open hands; I miss you.

20. Dearest, I give you all the love in my heart because you mean so much to me, I have never regretted knowing you, I keep your safety in the hand of God, I miss you.

21. If you know how my heartbeat is just thinking of you, you would realize how much I love you. I miss you so much.

22. I have come to stay with you forever, nothing can take your love away from heart, you left me with sweet memories, I love you so much, and I miss you too.

23. Living with you has brought so much joy to my heart; that’s why I miss you so much.

24. For every sun that rise, I pray your life experience glorious height, you may not be here with me now, but your beautiful thoughts live in my heart, I miss you.

25. I would always be by your side no matter what happens; I have vowed to love you forever, out of sight is not out of mind, though I miss you so much.

26. Just thinking of you now, I miss you so much.

27. Your beautiful thought filled my heart every day; I hope I would see your beautiful face soon. I miss you.

28. If you know how special you are to me, you will not stay a day long before you come home; please come back soon, I miss you.
29. You are the treasure of my life; I feel happy every day because I have you in my life, I miss you baby.

30. Wishing your heart a happy moment, though it is hard to live without her, I’m hopeful for your glorious return soon, good morning.

Baby Baby I Miss You so Much


31. You shine like the moon and glitters like the stars; you are the beautiful flower in my heart, I miss you.

32. I am every day sweet life; I don’t want ever imagine life without you, for the few days that you have been away, it seems as if my heart has stopped beating, I miss you so much.

33. Like the sunrise that brings beautiful light to the world every day, you bring so much beauty and splendour to my life, good morning, my dear, I miss you.

34. Dreaming of a beautiful life with you is what I cherish every day, you always have such and an amazing husband to me, I look forward to your attractive return, I miss you.

35. You are the beautiful word that never left my heart; you are the sweet melody that keeps playing in my heart; I promise to love you forever. I miss you my special heart.

36. You are the most awesome man in the world; you have been so caring and so loving to me, that I why I miss you so much.

37. Every day that passes, I keep looking outside the door if I would catch a glance of you, you have gone for so long, a day without you is a like a year to my heart, I miss you.

38. For how long would I have to live without you, I miss you so much.

39. You have left a large vacuum in my heart ever since the time that you left. I miss you; please come back soon.

40. I didn’t bargain for a single day without you; I miss you so much.

41. Like the beautiful morning sun revives the flowers to blossom, your love revives my happiness and blooms in my heart for forever, I miss you my joy.

42. It would always be you in my heart forever; I miss you.

43. It would you or no one, I miss you so much.

44. Life dull without you, you are so special to my heart. I miss you.

45. I cherish every moment that I spent in your arms; you make my heart so joyful, I miss you.

Baby, I Miss You so Much When You Hold Me with That Loving Touch


46. You made me remember you now and always; I can’t live without you, I miss you.

47. Dearest, I know you miss me as much as I miss you; it is hard living here without you.

48. I can’t think straight without you; you make my life complete, do you miss me too.

49. Love is when you say you miss me so much; it shows to me how much you love me. I miss you as much as you miss me too.

50. You said I’m the sunrise of your life, to me you are the moon and the star of life as well, my heart is eager to see you.

51. Your love is passionate in my heart; I find it difficult to live without you. I hope you miss me the same way I miss you. I love you so much.

52. If I have more than one heart, they would love you the same way, you mean so much to me, I miss you so much, hope I’m you miss me too.

53. You showed me the beautiful side of life, you one person that I’m always happy to find by my side, life is cherishing to have a lovely soul like you, I miss you, do you miss me too.

54. You are the face of love; you are the calmness of my soul when I see you, I think of an angel, you said me miss so much, we are both ruled by the same soul, I miss you as much too.

55. Life is boring and dull without you; you are more precious than the entire treasure of the world to my heart. I think of you every single moment; I miss you.

56. You make an imperfect world perfect for me, you love me and care for me, every single moment that passes I pray that God bless you, I miss you.

57. Take me with you wherever you go, don’t leave me here all alone, life so dull without you, I miss you.

58. Your love makes in my heart make me dream sweet dreams every night, you so beautiful, I miss you so much.

59. I woke this morning with you sweet thought on my mind; this is how I feel about you every day, I pray you return home soon, so I can feel and touch you again, I miss you,

60. You live in my heart forever; I miss you, my sweetheart.

Baby Come Back Why Do I Miss You so Much


61. You make the heart skip in joy every time that I think of you. I miss you so much.

62. No matter how long you stay before you come back, I would always wait for you; you are special to my heart, I miss you.

63. You make me cherish life; you make love you more every single day, please come back soon. I miss you.

64. Dear baby, your love is like food to my soul; you filled the heart with beautiful memories. I miss you.

65. I kept dreaming of you every night; you are one beautiful person in my heart. I can’t live without you; I miss you.

66. You are a lifetime, happiness. I would be happy as much as I know that you are still there for me. I miss you.

67. I kept thinking of you day and night; my heart made for you. I miss you.

68. You are beautiful dreams that I dream; you are lovely thought in my heart. I miss you so much.

69. I have all my heart for you, wherever you are don’t forget me, I miss you baby.

70. Life is full wI would see your beautiful face soon; I miss you, my heart.

71. You are my heart when it beat; I can’t just thinking about the beautiful memories that we share, I miss you.

72. You are a beautiful world. Thank you for filling my heart with beautiful memories. I miss you.

73. Take good care of yourself wherever you are, I miss you.

74. You are the king of my heart; thank you for giving me a beautiful life. I would always love you; I miss you.

75. Your love shines in my heart like the beautiful light of the moon; you are sweet memories. I miss you so much.

Baby, I’m your Baby I’m Yours I Miss You so Much


76. This life is such a beautiful place for me because I found you. I keep a lovely place for you in my heart; please come back soon. I miss you.

77. Dearest, good morning, I want you to know that some care for you so much here, my heart is dying to see you. I miss you.

78. I would hold you in my arms and kiss your sweet lips whenever you come home. I miss you so much.

79. I’m like a fish out of water on dry land without you, you have stolen my heart, I miss you.

80. I can’t do anything thing without you; I’m so lonely, I need to hold your lovely hands in mine, it gives me joy see your beautiful face, please come back soon cause I
miss you so much.

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