50 I Miss You Quotes For Her – Missing Her Messages

You want to express how much you miss her and you do not know how? This article is your guardian angel as we’ve put together 50 romantics ‘I miss you’ quotes for her.

These ‘Missing her Messages’ will not only show her how much you’re missing her, it will also let her know that without her, you’re incomplete.

So what are you waiting for? Why not pick any of the sweet I miss you messages below and show that special woman in your life how much you’re missing her.

These ‘I miss u quotes for her’ are perfect for a girlfriend, wife, and fiancee, they are well crafted so you don’t have to worry about composing a sweet message. However, you can get creative and customise these messages to suit the special lady. Enjoy!

50 I Miss You Quotes For Her – Missing Her Messages

Teddy I Miss Her For Girlfriend

1. I found a joy in a world full of colors symbolizing the true passion that your impact has brought into my life—like a shining star you put a smile on my face. I wish you are here with me perhaps my sorrow will have been gone. I truly miss you, sweetheart!

2. When you were with me I was active because every moment shared with you was full of passion and compassion but now that you left me I feel so sad in my heart. You are my joy and I won’t be free until I see your beautiful face once again. I miss you!

3. When I told you the other day that my heart is firmly attached to you, I guessed you may not understand, your absence has confirmed how much you mean to me because since your departure I have never seen anyone that can put a smile on my face like you do. Baby, I miss you!

4. I am so happy to meet a beautiful queen like you in my life and the reason is that you are so kind and calm. Anytime I look into your eyes, tears of passion can be found. I don’t know why I love you so much, it may be because you are so cute. I miss you!

5. My life is so cool because I share my days with a special angel like you who always put a smile on my face. You know what? You have become the air I breathe therefore I can’t live without you. no matter what may occur between us, no one can take your place in my heart. I miss you!

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Sad I Miss You Picture For Her

6. You came into my life to build it with joy and passion. I will never forget a gem like you now and until the end of time. I wish to see your enticing face but it is so unfortunate that you are too far away from my sight. I miss you!

7. I love you baby and believe me because that’s the absolute truth. You have become one with me, therefore, I fell whatever you feel; hurt by whatever hurts you, my sweetheart. Distance has played its own role by separating us in person but one thing I’m sure it can never achieve is to replace you with someone else in my heart, I miss you!

8. This night is so bored because the one I cherish is nowhere next to me. The worst is that I may wake to find no means to see the face of the most beautiful woman on earth. I cherish you my dear love and that’s how it will always be now and forever. I miss you!

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9. I feel so bad within me because no one to crack my jokes with, nobody to play with and no queen to express my feelings for. Why have you done this to my dear angel? Since the day you left, I have been so lonely. I miss you!

10. God knows best why I keep missing you even in microseconds. It is becoming stranger especially now that you have been out for so long. Loneliness has eaten deep into my heart as though terrible disease. I wish to see you soon baby!

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I Miss You Quotes For Her Images

11. You are the light of my heart the one that illuminates my day and night with the ocean of passion. You are that special queen that fills my heart with the pack of joy and happiness. How much can I appreciate you for all you have done in my life? I miss you, my angel!

12. The most interesting part of you is that no one can resist your absence—believe me I swear! I am used to wondering how God created you that you are so sweet and interesting. You never make me bored even for once since the day I set my eyes on you. I miss you, my love!

13. My love for you is unexplainable—a love without limits. I wish I can explain my feelings for you but it seems the passion is too deep to do so. Where is your bright face? I just want to see it to relieve the pains in my heart. I miss you!

14. Life without you so far has been bored to me. I could not understand why I’m so attached to you—it may be because I am addicted to your love. I want to see your beautiful face, your smile and your cute catwalk that mesmerizes my heart. I miss you!

15. Among millions of ladies you alone my heart has chosen. It gives me joy to always remember that the most beautiful woman is my queen. The one I cherish with passion is my wife and the mother of my kids. I miss you!

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Lovely I Miss Her Images For Girlfriend

16. Many days have passed by and I have been mourning your absence since the day you left. I am so depressed about your leaving me behind while you travel alone and the reason is that the sweetest words from you will be missed for a long time. I miss you!

17. I thank the Almighty who sent you into my life to build it with lots of good things. Since the day you became my companion my heart has always been filled with joy and endless happiness. I’m sure with beside me; I will be active once again. I miss you!

18. Your voice, your beautiful swollen cheeks, and you’re perfectly created I have really missed. What is the meaning of this life without you my sweetheart? You alone I cherish among millions of ladies. I can not comprehend what my life will entail if you leave me forever. I miss you, my super angel!

19. Every second of my life I want to live with you so I can feel the impact of what sweet life means. You are such an amazing lady that puts a smile on my face. I love everything about you my love the one I cherish so much with passion. Nothing can ever make me forget you in life. I miss you!

20. In the beginning, I never realize the kind of person you are until I married you and discovered the most interesting lady on earth. My heartbeat, you mean the world to me and I mean it because without you, my life is incomplete. For the rest of my life, I want to live to love you. I miss you!

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21. I want to live with you until the end of life and the reason is that you always make me happy. I am so lucky that I met a super angel like you in life, therefore, I appreciate all your kindness towards. A lady of joy and passion, I miss you!

22. Thank you for having patient about me. I know very well that I have not been making you happy as you really wanted but always remember that I’m not perfect just as you are not. My sweetheart, no matter the condition I am always ready to be with you till eternity. I miss you!

23. Love is gold with you so valuable none ending passion. You are my dream come true and I wish to live with you until the end of time. My life depends on you because you are my missing rib. Thank God I found you in life the most beautiful woman on earth, I miss you!

24. God is so good to have given you to me as the best gift of my lifetime. The most important thing is that I have you but the saddest is that distance has taken you away from my sight. I wish I can touch you, hold or kiss you my dear angel. I miss you!

25. I miss your smile, dance, play, kisses and hug. I miss the giggles that find their source from the coolest part of your heart. You are a gem a wonder super angel I have ever met in life—loving you is a joy. I miss you!

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I Miss You Like A Rose Picture For Her

26. Just like a golden chocolate I love the taste of your lips whenever I grab them with my own. I feel as though in paradise whenever you hug me. I wish you can be here to witness the depression that is written all over my face just for your absence. I really miss you my love!

27. With the joy that descends upon me from the light that emanates from your face I want to appreciate your impact in my life baby. You are not just a wife but also a true friend that motivates my life and changed it for good. I feel so good around you—a true confession. I miss you my love!

28. The day I set my eyes on you, I feel the bang of what it means to fall in love with you. it is never today that I have been in love with you—indeed since I was in the womb of my mother I chose you as my only angel hoping to meet you in life, now it came to pass. I miss you!

29. You are my sweetheart, a gem that affects my life with passion. You mean the word to me the only joy I came across in life. Let me tell you something, I can not live without you. I love you my dear angel now and all the time. I miss you!

30. A day without you is a day with rain of sadness yes believe me because it is the truth. I can’t resist the aura of your presence yet the most painful thing is to see you walking away. I cherish you with all my heart my sweet love—just want to say I miss you!

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I Miss You A Lot Photo For Her

31. Love is like a journey sweet or bitter I will live it with you, no matter what; you will always be the only angel my heart has chosen. I wish you know how much you mean to me my sweetheart. I miss you!

32. For the things you have done in my life, I appreciate you baby. You are the lily in my love garden the rose I adore with passion. Every day of my life I think about you, in fact your thoughts have taken over my heart—I have no heart again but you, just want to say I miss you!

33. For the rest of my life I want to live with an angel like you because you are the best lady I have ever met in my entire life so far. I wish you the best in life my dear angel; jewel of passion my treasure the source of my joy. There is no day or night that comes except that your thoughts roam in my heart. I miss you!

34. I love my life because you are part of it. I cherish myself because you feed me with love and passion. You are so important to me because an angel like you is uncommon my sweetheart. Now and for the rest of my life I will always adore you, appreciate, and be grateful for your love. I miss you!

35. When I met you I thought you to be like every other woman until now, I have come to realize that you are so special. I wish you everything that pleases you my sweet angel—my one in a million girl. I just want to say I miss you!

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I Miss My Wife Emotional Image

36. The first day I set my eyes on you; I saw a light and quickly recognize how much my heart has been searching for a beautiful woman like you. I swear you are the perfect kind of lady I’ve been longing to meet in life, I miss you, my sweetheart!

37. God, I am so grateful for the best gift of life—my dear wife. Without you Lord, I wonder how miserable my life will have become. Baby today, I wish to let you understand that you are my joy, happiness and the most interesting person ever. I miss you, my love!

38. For all the days I spent with you are all but full of joy. This is the reason why I will continue to love you until the end of time. My sweetheart, loving you brings joy to my heart. Now and for the rest of my life, I wish to be with you. I miss you!

39. Your thoughts in my heart will never end as long as you have already become part of me. God is so good for giving you to me and I will forever be grateful for such privilege in life. I just want to say I miss you!

40. The day I met you, I met the end of my sorrow in life, I met the one that changed my life for good. Many things you have changed in my life yet you don’t know but the most important thing is that I recognize them all. I miss you!

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I Miss Her Photos

41. For all the impact you gave to me, I am willing to appreciate your love in the best way ever. I cherish you, my dear love, the sweetest angel I have ever come across in life. I wish you the most romantic moment ever. I miss you, baby!

42. Coolness they say comes from the heart and that’s just the truth because I’m feeling right now from the deepest part of my heart. I feel the impact of that joy and happiness you harbour in your heart. I miss you love!

43. Loving you is a treasure of passion, never-ending always beautiful, smart and cool. Baby, the judgment of my heart selects you alone, and that’s why I have never been happy since the day you left me. I miss you!

44. Turning your face away from me hurts my heart but the worst is to see you walking away. I can’t just tell how much you mean to me because words cannot explain it but the truth is that you are the most cherish lady on earth. I miss you!

45. You are a wonderful queen—my companion in the palace of love, everything about you is valuable to me. I wish to see you sparkling face right away, wish to hug and kiss you but time has snatched you from me. I miss you!

I Miss You Quotes for Her from the Heart

Funny I Miss Her Picture For Her

46. You are my dream come true and I am addicted to your love because it is as sweet as diamond chocolate. Your love is like a strawberry, I love the taste like never before, just willing to let the angel of my life that I miss her strongly!

47. Your love is causing me strong thing, I don’t know if you have poisoned me with love and passion. I cannot comprehend anymore because I am already drunk in love with you. I wish I can simply spend just one second without thinking about. I miss you, my love!

48. Sweetheart, where are you? I am so lonely, sad and tired because your bright face is far away from my sight. With you in my life, I feel the joy that comes along with it. I am so happy that you belong to me. Baby I miss you!

49. Now and for the rest of my life, I will always miss you because you are worthy of been missed all the time. Every moments shared with you comes with passion and joy that has no bounds. I want you to come back home my dear love while I’m missing you!

50. I love my life because an angel like you is involved in it. I cherish you and everything about your life. Baby, it is rest assured that no other lady can take your place in my heart because you are so special. I just want to say I miss you sweetheart!

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