Best I Miss You Baby Quotes

Best I Miss You Baby Quotes



Best I miss you baby quotes:

Best I Miss You Baby Quotes

Best I Miss You Baby Quotes


Best I miss you baby quotes: Here are some collections for you to send to your baby when missing her.


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Best I Miss You Baby Quotes

1. Tears roll down my cheeks each time that I think of you; I miss you so much.

2. I can’t sleep at night without you by the side, I roll from side to side, searching for you with my hands, perhaps if my hands could feel you, my life is so empty with you, you mean everything to me, I miss you.

3. When you left home, you left with my heart, I have never been so much in love with someone before, you are the angel of my heart, where ever you are now, I want you to know that I miss you so much.

4. You are the life that I cherish, you the girl of my heart, I love you with every single beat of my heart, you are my paradise here on earth, I miss you so much.

5. Life is so beautiful ever since the day that I found you; you are so pure and lovely to my heart. I can’t live without you; I miss you.

6. I dream of you every night, I think of you every day since you left, at night I gaze at the star and remember how we use to admire the heavenly light together when you were here, life is so dull without you, you mean everything to my heart, I miss you.

7. Your love towers in my heart like Mount Everest, I’m deeply in love with you, thinking of you now, I miss you.

8. I never knew I would miss you so much, a day without it seems like a year to me.

9. Your love lives in my heart all the time; I want to assure you of my love for you all the time, I miss you baby.

10. Your thought is the brightest light that shines in my heart every day; I wish that I can be in your lovely arms now, I miss you.

11. Life is good to have a particular person like you; your sweet memories are always evergreen in my heart; nothing can take love from spirit. I miss you.

12. I live a happy life with every day, even if you are not here physically with me, the sweet memories your left in my heart is still fresh. I miss you, my love.

13. Like a goldmine, I found a beautiful treasure of my heart when I saw you, I may not be with you now, but you’re live beautifully in my heart, I miss you.

14. If you are hiding in the sea of heads, my eyes will find you out; you are like a moon in the midst of plenty stars, I love you with all my heart, I miss you too.

15. I dreamt of a beautiful soul like you before I met you, my heart was already preparing to love my dream girl, I may be there to hold your beautiful hands now, but my heart is there with you forever, I miss you.


I Miss You Baby Quotes for Her

16. If you can see through my heart, you would realize how much I have missed you; I miss like a fish misses the water.

17. For every second that passes, my heartbeats for you, I miss you.

18. Your love is one powerful thing in my heart that I cannot explain, I have never felt so good before like the way I think when your thought crosses my heart, you are my angel from heaven, I miss you.

19. No matter where I wait, I would come back to you, you are the queen of my heart, my life is incomplete without you, I miss you.

20. It’s love that I feel when I think of you, it’s happiness that glides through my heart when I see your lovely face. I keep your photo in my chest pocket so that I can look at your face every time that I think of you. I smiled broadly like a little child would do when her mother returns home; you are my home. I would come to you soon. I miss you so much, baby.

21. You are my beautiful world; my life is empty without you, I miss you.

22. Your love is colourful in my heart like a rainbow descends from the sky to mountainside, your love pours in my heart every time that I think of you, you are the life that
I adore so much, I miss you baby.

23. I thought I have loved you enough, but every single moment that I see you, your love wax stronger in my heart, you are the sweetest world, I miss you.

24. Dearest, the fact I’m far away from you does not diminish my love for you, your love rage in my heart like a full fire, I miss you so miss.

25. You are my special gift from heaven; it is so beautiful to find a soul like you, I would back soon, I miss you, my angel.

26. Everywhere that I go I carry your unique love in my heart, nothing means so much to me like your love; I love you.

27. I slept with your beautiful thought in the heart last night, and wake up this morning looking fresh and astonishing; you are the beautiful thing in my heart, I miss you.

28. No sooner than I left home than your sweet thought filled my heart, you one person that means so much to me, I don’t know what I can do without you, I miss you.

29. You showed how beautiful it is to fall in love with an angel like you; I live every single thanking God that I found a lovely woman like you, I miss you baby.

30. Another I would leave home, I would always go with you, I’m not finding it funny to live here alone without you, you are worth more than the entire treasure of the world to me, I miss you.

31. You are my beautiful sunshine; you warm my heart every single moment that I think of you, I miss you.

32. Every night that comes I dream sweetly of you, and in every single day that passes, I think of the beautiful moment that we shared, your fresh thought filled my heart like an ocean, I miss you.

33. It is so beautiful to have you in my life; you gave every reason to cherish life. I miss you.

34. You are living in my heart day and night; I can’t stop thinking about you, I promise to be for you all the time, I miss you.

35. Sweetheart, I miss you a lot. I wish I can fly home this night to be with you, you know you are everything to me, I would be yours forever.

36. Waking up this morning, you are the first I think of, I hope your night was full of beautiful dreams, wishing you a lovely day.

37. Like beautiful flower attracts butterflies, your beautiful heart attracts me; God chooses you for my heart, which is why I love you so much.

38. You are roaming in my heart every minute; I have stopped to ask myself this question, why do I miss you so much, I think it is because you are so precious to my life, I
love you, baby.

39. Like pour honey, your lips taste, like an angel your face looks, you are so dear to my heart, the sunshine that I receive today warms my heart for you, I miss you so much.

40. Living alone here is hard without you; I would have to return to you soon, I can’t endure the pain of missing you anymore.

I Miss You Baby Message


41. I remember everything about you, the sweet words that you always whisper to my ear. I love every moment that we share; I miss you so much, baby.

42. Like two lover birds, our love is in heaven; I live every day for you, I would always be the one you would be proud to have as your husband, I keep my head high for you,
I miss you, my sweetheart.

43. As I sit at the balcony of our, I look far ahead on the lonely road if I could catch a glimpse of you, my eyes become deem and misty, where is my love, where is my heart,
I miss you so much.

44. You open my heart to true love; I never knew that an angel like existed until I found, I love you so much. I will home soon.

45. You are my dreams come true; you are just perfect for me, I found in you everything that in need in a woman, thank God that I found you a, I miss you.

46. You glow in my heart like the morning sun; I wake this morning thinking of you, I miss you.

47. Your thought filled my heart ever since the time that you left. I miss you so much.

48. Life is unbearable without you; you are the sunshine of my life. I miss you.

49. Dear love, wherever you are now, no that someone cares about you. I miss you.

50. Your love would always find a way to my heart, I love it so much, and I miss you.

51. Please don’t stay too long before you return; I miss you.

52. A day is like a year without you; you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, please come back soon. I miss you.

53. I see you where ever I go; I smell your traces, I know you would be home soon, I miss you.

54. I have never had it so good before until I found it, you are one particular thought in my heart. I miss you.

55. Life is boring without you; I wish you can come and fill the vacuum in my heart now. I miss you.

56. Please come back home soon; I miss you.

57. You live in my heart forever; I would always love you because you mean so much to me. I miss you.

58. You are my everyday happiness; life is beautiful to spend it with you. I want to be with you forever; I miss you.

59. I miss you as I love you and even more, please come back and take me with you; I can’t live here alone without you, I miss you.

60. You are my every day beautiful memories; my heart is full of your beautiful thoughts. I miss you.

61. You would always be evergreen in my heart, safe journey. I would miss it.

62. Every single day that I miss you, I feel so empty and lonely, you have always been the better part of my heart.

63. I looked up to the sky and asked God for a blessing for your heart; you live beautiful memories that keeps me warm when I think of you, I miss you.

64. Unburden my heart with your sweet kiss you, I miss you so much.

65. Life is cruel without you; I didn’t prepare to spend a single alone. I love you with all my heart.

66. I have always admired you all my life, a day without you is like a year of loneliness. I miss you so much.

67. I’m happy soul when I think of you, but you have to know that you are so special to my heart, I need to see you now, I miss you.

68. I’m a lonely bird without wings to fly; I’m fish without fins when you go, please come back and take me with you. I have missed you so much.

69. You said you would be back soon, please let me know how soon is fast, my heart aches, my eyes are misty, and I’m just all alone here without you. You know how much I
cherish to hold your hands. I miss you so much.

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