I Miss My Son Quotes and Prayers

I Miss My Son Quotes and Prayers


I miss my son quotes and prayers:

I Miss My Son Quotes And Prayers



I miss my son quotes and prayers: Today we posted to on I miss you, son, as you all know that our children are everything o us, they mean the world to us, that is why we wrote those collections for you to send to our son, we also have more of your favourite articles check it out.


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I Miss My Son Quotes and Prayers

1. Dear son you have always been a beloved son, I miss you so much, I pray that life always treats well, best of wishes from your lovely mother.

2. You make me happy everything time that I think of you; you would always have a special place in my heart, I’m proud of a wonderful son like you, I miss you so much, may
God bless your heart.

3. I have no fear about your welfare over there; because I have committed you in God’s hand, the only thing is that I miss you so much.

4. Dear, work the work and do the prayer, I prayed as much for you here too. I miss you so much.

5. Hello son, I miss your lovely face, sweet laughter. I hope that you are doing great over there. I miss you so much.

6. Dear son, always remembers that mama loves you, make me proud, do the right thing, God would help you all the time.

7. I have always prayed this prayer for you, may the Lord make you a beautiful child, always do your best and God would do the rest for you, I miss you so much.

8. I thank God for the gift of a beautiful child like you, put your trust in God all your dreams can come true, I miss you.

9. You are the reason that my heart is full of joy, may the Lord make uplift you in life as you are out there struggling, I miss you.

10. My heart is full of beautiful prayers for you; you would be successful in all that you have put your heart to, God bless you, my son, I miss you.

I Miss My Son so Much Quotes and Prayer


11. For the period that you would be away from home, may the Lord make everything easy for you, always remember that you are from a right home and be useful as well over there, I miss you so much.

12. I like to your lovely face now, just thinking of you, mama misses you.

13. Life may take a different turn from the way you have planned, but don’t worry, be steady and focus, the Lord would take care of everything for you, I miss you, my baby.

14. Dear son, we are so glad we had a wonderful son like you, we trust you that you would always do the right thing where ever you are, I pray that God assists you in all that you do, we miss you much.

15. When I see you, son, I see my beautiful world; you have always been the joy of my heart, I pray for you day and night, wishing the best out there, I miss you, dearest.

16. My heart is full of gratitude because I have a lovely son like you, I want you to know that we love you and miss you so much, always make us proud by doing the right thing, may God guide you through your studies.

17. Heaven helps those who help themselves, don’t leave any stone unturned in your studies, we are praying for you here, wishing you the best.

18. Keep being kind, keep being wonderful, there is a beautiful life ahead of you, I pray that God makes the path smooth for you, I miss you, son, hope you are having a lovely day there.

19. Dear son, though we miss you, we realized that it necessary to let you go so you can be on the path to greatness, our prayers will always reach you where ever you, be the best that you can be all the time.

20. You are the little hero of our life; then as you grow, you would become a bigger hero, make mama proud all the time, I miss you so much, wishing the best over there.

I Miss You My Son Quotes and Prayer


21. It is hard to live here with you, you are the sunrise of my life, you make me appreciate life, and I’m happy to have a lovely son like you, you would always be my special prayers, be kind, I miss you.

22. Live every moment with happiness, but remember you may not be able to achieve everything that you have a plan for that is the game of life, you get some right and you lose some, but above all remain focus on your primary target, good luck.

23. You are our beautiful life; you bring laughter and happiness to our heart. I’m so proud of your son, though I miss you, I have always prayed for the best for you.

24. My heart would always be with you even if you are far away from home, keep shining like a star, you are our hero, I miss you son.

25. You have been a blessing to our life; we want the best for you, be astonishing and follow a beautiful footstep of heroes, I would always be here praying for you, I miss you so dear son.

26. Dear son, remember all that we thought you before you left home, we focus on your studies. God will help you; we pray for you too. I miss you so much.

27. Life is good to have you as a son; you are like a shining light in my heart. I pray that you find comfort and happiness over there. I miss you.

28. What is worth doing is what doing best, do your best all the time, you would be proud you did someday to come, may God be your guide all the time, I miss you, my dear son.

29. Lives are full of ups and down, remember all that we have thought you about life, don’t give up in every hardship, and celebrate success but a little. The world is always a battlefield those who take it headlong are the most successful people, dear son be stable and be determined to succeed in every situation but whatever comes in good faith the sky is your limit, smiles, I miss you.

30. I have never doubted your ability, but just a reminder, work hard and be steadfast, we would celebrate you when you come back home, we miss you.

I Miss My Son In Heaven Quotes and Prayer


31. Smile at life when you have to smile, laugh at life when you need to laugh, but never frown at life, life is always how it looks, you are and I’m proud to send you out
there, to learn something vital about life, but don’t follow the bandwagon, observe everything before you take a critical decision, God would help you, I miss you son.

32. You smile that never lives my cheek, you a dream that never leaves my heart, every single day that passes, I pray that your dreams come true, I miss you, my dear son.

33. For every sun that rises today, I pray it shines beautifully in heart, may you find God’s favour wherever you go, I love you son.

34. Dear, remember that dreams only come true when you work to achieve your goals, be marvellous all the time, mama loves you so much, remain to bless.

35. You would always have all the love in my heart, you have been such a lovely song, I pray that God makes shine brighter every day, may your beautiful wishes come true, I
miss you.

36. You are a special gift from heaven to my heart; I pray that God favour would find you where ever you are; I miss you, my dear son.

37. May the door of heaven be open of you today, may God protect you as you move around, wishing you a beautiful day, I miss you son.

38. My dear, I asked the heavenly father to protect and guide you today, keep shining where ever you go, I miss you.

39. Son, good morning, a beautiful day has come, as you leave your home today, I pray that God guides your way, be kind to everyone you meet today, and forgive those that have wronged you, that makes the heart peaceful.

40. You would be bright as the sun in the day and shine like the moon in the night; I wish you all the best in all that you do over there, I miss you so much41. You are such an amazing boy ever since you were born; we doubt that you would be a great ambassador of the family out there, may the Lord light every path that you take, I miss you, my dear son.

I Miss My Child Quotes and Prayer


42. You came into our life at the right time, you make us happy, and you have always been an adorable child, now that you are out there, I put in the hand of my Lord, He would take care of you, call upon Him as we call upon Him too, may days be memorable, I miss you.

43. The joy of having you our life is so enormous, in every single day that passes, I pray that my Lord takes care of all your needs, dear son, the Lord is sufficient for you. I miss you.

44. You are the brightest star among the stars, and the best among your pears always be kind to others, and the Lord would be good to you too, I miss you, dear son.

45. The house is quiet and empty without you, and my heart long to see you every day, I hope that you are doing great out there, I pray for you every day, wishing you the best as you rise to see another beautiful day today.

46. Happiness is when I think that I have a lovely son, my life is incomplete without you, just the splendour of the night cannot know without sunshine, I miss you.

47. You are the first thought on my mind every morning and the last idea on my mind every night, you occupy a beautiful place in my heart that is I pray for you every time that I think of you, God bless you always, I miss you.

48. I hope to see you soon, I have missed you so much, you are the king of my heart, a son full of life and intelligent, God bless every step that you take, I miss you.

49. There is no better place to find happiness except when you put trust in God, be careful and always pray to your Lord all the time, God would guide you through every hardest time, I miss you.

50. May the gate of heaven be open for you, may your life be full of beautiful testimonies, as you move around, may the angel of thy Lord be your guide, wishing you the best today and always, I miss you, my dear son.

I Miss My Son In Heaven Quotes and Prayer


51. You a son of the king and a queen, be humble wherever you find yourself because humbleness is the way of God, I pray for a brighter day for you, good morning.

52. A beautiful son, a hero and a king, you would be great in life, every single dream you have would come true, be steadfast, be the focus, and the sky is the beginning of your limit.

53. I wish love from above, go well and come back well, you would always be in my heart, I miss you.

54. A son is to a mother as the light is to darkness, keep on being a good child, the reward for goodness is goodness, God bless your heart, I love you.

55. You are born great, may the Lord make you higher, wishing you love and peace, I miss you.

56. My day is like a month without you, for every morning that comes, it comes with my special prayers for you, I miss.

57. Don’t afraid of what tomorrow would bring, always put your trust in almighty God; he would do wonders in your life, I miss you.

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