50 I Miss My Best Friend Quotes with Images

Friends are an important part of our lives. Although good friends are rare, when you are fortunate to have one, they are worth more than any riches of the world.

Friends are usually closer than relatives, therefore we share every memory and experiences with them. We share secrets that we could not even tell our mothers, friends are jewels of our being.

This is the reason why we miss our best friends so much when they are far away from us and in a situation like this, we feel lonely and depressed because many secrets will be unshared and many jokes will be untold.

And how do we make up for this moment, we let our good friends know how much we miss them and how special they have been in our lives.

In this piece, we have written 50 of the best ‘I Miss My Best Friend’ Quotes that’ll make them want to run back to us and will keep the good relationship we have even stronger.

50 I Miss My Best Friend Quotes with Images

I Miss My Best Friend So Much Adorable Images

I Miss My Best Friend So Much Adorable Images

1. The lovely time we spend together and the funny things we say to while away our time have been long experienced since the day you left. I can’t stop remembering you my dear friend because you are such an interesting person, I miss you my best friend!

2. I can not bring you back here now but I must let you understand that I really miss you my best friend. I miss those funny things you say to me, I miss your beautiful face, smiling cheeks and everything about you!

3. I will not regret even as distance has separated us because I was opportune to befriend with a role model. No matter how far you have gone, my heart will continue to be with you until we meet once again, I really miss you my best friend!

4. The only trend on my heart right now is to see you coming back already, I wish I can see your handsome face once again my good friend. Although we may be far away from each other no other friend can replace, I miss you!

5. The awesome time we shared, the memories we had and the best gist we engaged all are roaming in my heart as though you are just right here before me; missing you pains me seriously and my heart won’t find joy until you are back, I miss you, friend!

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6. When we used to be together, time flies like a bird but now that you are far away from my reach, a second is like hours, a month is like a year. I wish you come back soon so you can refill the space that misses you most in my heart!

7. I never realize how valuable your friendship is with me until you left but even a second without you really hurt me now. I wish I can see you as soon as possible, but time will never let it be possible. Until you come back, I miss you!

8. Though in true friendship, distance and miles do not really matter but the heart will not understand. Your thoughts will never let me find rest in my heart because you are such an amazing friend; I just want to tell you that I miss you!

9. No matter how happy I may be in a day, a part of me will always be sad because you are nowhere to be found. You are like a blood brother to me and that’s why I will always care both in your presence and absence. I miss you my best friend!

10. Whenever you are away, every day of this life becomes bored I don’t care which day it may be. You are such a wonderful friend so therefore can’t stop thinking about you. I cherish you truly but you may not understand. I miss you, friend!

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I Miss My Best Friend Images

11. Anytime I remember those sweet memories we shared, smile overtakes my face no matter what I’m doing. I feel like jumping over to where you are right now. My friend, I can’t just explain why I like you so much, I miss you!

12. There is nothing that makes me feel bad like remembering those selfies we took together. Those interesting outing we had together. You are such a sweet friend my lovely angel. I have really missed you my best friend until you are back!

13. It may be that God wants a special place for you better than where you used to be but it is so painful that you are leaving me and nothing I can do about it. Tears of passion drop yet this separation becomes wider. I miss you!

14. The most interesting part of missing you is that I can always recall all the beautiful memories we have spent together. I am happy not because your beautiful face will always return joy to my heart whenever I remember it. I miss you!

15. No one will feel good if the most interesting thing is taken away from his life, definitely, you are my joy and you have been snatched away by distance. Everything is now boring to me, no one to play with, or take my hot selfies with. I miss you my best friend!

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16. You may be far away but our friendship will always remain in my heart. Your sweet memories will never escape my heart because you are such an amazing kind of friend. Truly I miss you more than you can ever think!

17. I can never be satisfied with the times I spent with you; always my heart will demand more of the world’s most beautiful moment with you. I wish a law can be passed so that friends like you will always remain with me until I’m satisfied to let you go, I miss you!

18. A fight may come between us but nothing can separate us because we have become one like sisters. I can’t stop the way I feel for you and the reason is that you are such a kind-hearted person. A good friend that is reliable I miss you!

19. Distance, you can take my phones and every other thing away but don’t dare take my friend even an inch far away from me but you are so stubborn that you took my joy away by snatching the best friend of life to a far place. Friend, I just want to say “I miss you!”

20. I feel like hugging you my good friend to show you how much you mean to me but distance has really separated us for too long. I can’t cope without you because no one is there to tell me funny stories, tell sorry when I hurt myself. There is no one to wrap his hand around my neck. I miss you!

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21. Since the day you left for school I have not been happy with myself for not schooling where your school. Though not even the world’s richest man can replace yours in my life. I miss your words of wisdom, bright face and interesting moment of life. I miss you!

22. Dear friend why did you do this to me? You have taken away light from around me and left me in the darkness of loneliness though you no without you, this life is always boring to me. I wish you the best wherever you are, I miss you!

23. There is no other pain like missing my best friend. I used to fall sick anytime you are far away from me because I am so addicted to you, I don’t know why I cherish you so much but I’m sure your kind gesture earns you credibility, I miss you!

24. Please come back my best friend or else my entire lifetime of thinking maybe exhausted hoping for your return. I really feel the impact of your absence since the day you left and I won’t feel happy at all until you here once again, I miss you!

25. I want to be a friend more than forever with you because forever is not enough to describe how much I love you my one and only true friend. You are my heart star so thinking about you will never cease to come, I miss you!

26. Life with you is priceless and life without you is worthless. A day without you is like a thousand years without food to eat. I deeply feel sorry for myself since the day you left. I can’t explain why I keep thinking about you since the day you left. I miss you, my best friend!

27. Friends have come into my life since you left but up till now none of them can take your place in my heart. I know you are a people’s person yet you still find the best of time to reach out to me, what a wonderful friend you are, I miss you, my friend!

28. Your impact in my life is so powerful so much so that I can’t forgive myself since the day you left. I wish to let you understand what you mean even more than a friend to me—you are my brother from another mother, I miss you!

29. You have become the air I breathe and the water I drink so not finding you beside me can cause something terrible to me. I really want to see you any moment from now and that’s just the truth. I miss you!

30. Can’t you see how much I am addicted to you? It means my life will be so miserable without you! I feel like having you around me in every second of my life but you will never be found because distance has separated us, I miss you, friend!

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31. When you were right here before me, this life was flowing with joy and cheerfulness but now that you are not here life has been awkward and boring. I wish I can find a very good friend like you again right beside me, until we meet again and depart no more, I miss you, friend!

32. Holidays are cruel because they take away our best friends for too long. Anyway, all that I am trying to convey to you is that I don’t like living too far away from you. Since the vacation, my life is bored without you. I miss our evening gist, I miss you!

33. Life has never remained the same since the day you left and I hold you responsible for that because I have been having dark life, I am missing you too much that my breath is fading away, I wish to see you as soon as possible. I miss you!

34. I love you because you always make me happy but what I hate about you is to see you walking away to a very far place; this brings sadness to my heart because I am so addicted to you, a good friend like you is worthy of being loved forever, I miss you!

35. I can explain the depth of my love for you even in the best world in life because it is not possible. I love you, my dear friend, because you are such a special person who deserves to be cherished with passion. I just want to say, I miss you!

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36. I won’t forgive myself until you come back home to put a smile on my face once again. My dear friend, your absence has really brought sadness into my heart and that’s why I pray that your days be filled with protection wherever you are, I miss you!

37. You mean the world to me my friend and I want you to believe it because it is just the truth. The first day I met you, I had a feeling that you will be a great friend and that’s what I have been experiencing with you, I miss you!

38. I love the joy that comes to my way from the light of your kindness, the cheerful life you are endowed with. I really miss you and your entire interesting gist you made with me, now and forever I will always miss you!

39. In your presence, I find my joy and in your absence, I find this life as boring as never before. When you are right beside me, I feel the best about myself but when you are gone everything seems like been covered in darkness, I miss you friend!

40. You are always on my mind and that’s why I keep smiling whenever you are far away because your duplicate will always bring fantasy to my heart. You are such an amazing angel the most interesting friend ever, I miss you!

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41. Whenever you are gone, I keep being tortured by my feelings for you because anyone I see only reminds me of you, those sweet memories we shared together and the fact that no one can replace you in my life triggers the tears to drop out my eyes, I miss you!

42. I am so lonely right now because you are nowhere to be found around me, I wish you can always find a reason to be with me every second of my life; I wish you can just be here right now to cheer me up, I miss you!

43. Every day and night my heart keeps remembering you for whom you are; that superhero that came into my life and changed it for good. You are the best of friends I have ever met in life and this will remain a great privilege in my life, I miss you!

44. I may not be able to give you all the best in life but I want you to understand that I can do the last of my best to make sure you find a smile on your face. You are so special and that’s why my heart will always be with you wherever you may be, I miss you!

45. I appreciate been a friend with a genius like you because, since the day I met you, my life has really been shaped by a very good experience. I love you so much my dear friend, may the Lord be pleased with you all the time, I miss you!

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46. I miss the funny days we spent together, those joyful moments we had and the best of outings we went. Now, I wish I can find just one more opportunity to reunite with you once again to tap from the impact of your lovely lifestyle, you are the best friend ever and I miss you!

47. I feel like to reach out to you in every second of my life the jewel of my life; yes that’s how I value you. I cherish you for all the things you have done in my life and now I promise never to betray you no matter what, I miss you!

48. Life is a place where a soul cannot leave alone until it finds a companion that encourages it to do the best and you are that special friend assigned to you. I really want you to understand the fact that you are valued, cherished, and admired beyond what you can think—I miss you!

49. You are missing from me, the best friend of life and I hope I will find you soon so my life will be refilled with joy once again. I really miss you, my sweet friend, until you are back again. I will always be grateful to you, now and forever, I miss you!

50. I can’t stop thinking about the moments we have spent together since the day you left my sight but no matter what, no other friend can convince me of true friendship as you have done, I just want to say, “I miss you!”

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