How Much You Miss Me Quotes

How Much You Miss Me Quotes

Often, we miss our loved ones and hope to see them soonest but every effort made is in vain. There are other ways we can reach out to them pending when we finally meet physically. Texting them beautiful messages like these ones are not left of the ideal wisdom.

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1. You are sweeter than honey; you are so adorable to me. I miss you so much.

2. I would cure you of not missing me; I would be right by your side tonight; I love you.

3. I would blow your mind with a hot kiss when I find you; it is not funny not to see you for a day.

4. For each day that I miss you, your love multiplies in my heart, I know you are so crazy about me, I do for you too, I miss you, I miss you as much as do.

5. Your voice is my favourite sound; I dream of you every single night that passes. I long to see you. I know you miss me.

6. Your love is deeper in my heart, I received your lovely message, you are not here, but you live in my heart always, I guess you miss me so much; I would be in your lovely arms soon.

7. You make everything so exciting to me, you playmate, how do live here without you, I miss every smile and laughter that we shared together, I miss you so much.

8. I took a journey in my heart down memory lane, I reminiscence on everything that I shared with you, you can never find another like me, and you are a symbol of love to me too, I miss you as you do.

9. Every night before we sleep, I use to whisper some beautiful tone to your ear, you remember your best number, I know you miss that so much, I would be home soon.

10. I miss everything that you do that make me smile, I miss the play and the tease, and above all, I miss your sweet kiss.

11. When you hold my hands, it is not my hands that you hold but a whisper of love to my heart, I could feel every impulse in your heart when I rest my head on your angelic
chest, you are the four-letter words that I cherish, ‘love’, do you miss me as much as I miss you?

12. You make my dream come true, I don’t need another love but you, you are beautiful to my heart, I hope I’m to you as well I miss you.

13. I love you every part of my existence; you are a heavenly gift; I miss just to miss me.

14. I’m sending you a sweet message tonight, look true the window tonight, you would see me among the brightest stars, I whisper of love to your heart, I miss you too.

15. Our love has no end, ‘I’m here to love you forever’ that is your sweet whisper in my ear before you left, I cherish you so much, I love you so much too.

16. I have just found out that it is impossible not to miss you, you live in my heart like the blood that flows towards it, I would be everything that you ever cherish, please miss me a little, I would be by your side soon.

17. As the clock’s long hand’s counts, my love for you blossoms, you are my everything, and I miss you.

18. I love you with great passion, I have never felt so excited the way I feel when I’m with you, I can see the passion of love in your eyes too, we are the perfect combination of sweet love, I miss you.

19. I keep you in my heart forever; I love the same way you, and I miss you just as you miss me too, I’m you’re in love forever.

20. I pray I never have to miss you again; life is boring without you.

21. You are the best thing that ever happens to my heart; I never knew that I would be loved so much by anyone, you prove me wrong when I said true does not exist, you are true love, I miss you just as guess you miss me too.

22. You interpret what care and love mean, anyone who needs the meaning of this world you have met you, I miss you as such my hero.

23. The love I have for you in my heart is unexplainable, your words soothe my soul, your kiss cools my head, and when you hold me, my body vibrates in sweet rhythm such I
have never felt before, you are the angel of my heart, I know you love me, I love you too.

24. I woke this morning all that is seeing your beautiful face today; this beautiful sunrise reminds me of your lovely heart. I miss you all.

25. Every single thing at homes reminds me of you; you are all over me. I miss you as you do.

26. You are the precious gift in my heart; I dream of a beautiful world with you by my side; I miss those love words that of yours that touches the core of my heart, I miss you so much.

27. As if we born together, our love is made in heaven; you are the angel that I know I know so much, thank you for being so sweet to my heart, I miss you.

28. I’m so passionate about meeting you; your love is burning in my heart every minute that passes. I miss you, my sweet dream.

29. You made me fall in love with you, sometimes I thought it is impossible to love you more, but I keep loving you every minute because you are one precious gift to my soul,
how much do you miss me, because I miss you so much.

30. A cheerful heart, a lovely face, a charming mind is what I called you. I feel paradise when I’m in your arms; I love you so much.

Beautiful How Much You Miss Me Quotes

31. In the world of beautiful roses, you are the best, in the class of gorgeous women you are the most beautiful, I fall in love with you the first day I met you, staying a
day without making the world an empty place, I need you all the time, I miss you.

32. It is wonderful to have a lovely person like you in my life; my love for you shines like the moon; I care so much about you. I miss you.

33. You said I live in your heart, for me, that’s beautiful because you live in my heart too, my heart is blissful just because I love you, hope you miss me.

34. Every single time that my heartbeats, it beats for you, I love you to the moon, I would be the kind of woman that you would always be proud you have, and how much do you miss me.

35. Loving you is beautiful, you turn me on just at the sound of your voice, you always have my love for you, when you are here I’m fine, and when we are apart, I long to see you hope you miss me just the same way I do.

36. It pleases my heart to let you know that you mean everything to me, loving my dreams come true, you are the one I always see in my dream when I close my eyes at night, I
will always be here for you.

37. Distance may prevent us from seeing each other now, but it cannot take your love away from my heart, for every single day that passes your love gets sweeter in my heart,
you are the world that I cherish.

38. Every little thing that you do make me happy thank I have found I found my lifetime partner. I miss you.

39. You are the cutest man alive; I get excited just see your handsome face, so get ready for you to return, I’m sure you miss me so much.

40. You told a story I love to hear, you play with me like a heavenly angel, my heart beat faster every time that I hear your sweet voice, you and I would be in love forever,
I miss you.

41. I’m lost in this world in your lovely arms, every time that you kiss me I feel that paradise is an inch from me, you sweep my heart with endless joy, that is why I miss you so much.

42. Every new day that break, I found new reasons to love you more, I dreamt sweet of you every night, I love you.

43. You may miles away from home, but your love is fresh in my heart, as time goes by, I pray that you would be home soon. I miss you.

44. You are my heart when I smile, you are joy when I laugh, and you mean so much to me, bring everything back to me, I miss you.

45. My heart skips in endless joy every time that you mention my name; I can’t wait to see you come back home, I miss you.

Romantic How Much You Miss Me Quotes

46. Tears filled my eyes because I miss you. I hope you know how I love you.

47. They said everything that has a beginning must have an end, but my love for you has no end, despite you are far away from me, I keep falling in love with you every time that your thought crosses my mind, I hope you miss just as I do.

48. Everything about you smells sweet; you are the joy of my heart; I miss you.

49. Wake up o know you are still there for me gives so much joy, hope to see you soon. I miss you.

50. You blow sweet love into my heart every time that you tell me you love me; it has been so nice to be with you, I love you.

51. You are my Romeo, it’s so cute to be with you, I adore you every day, I want to be in your heart forever, call me the Juliet that would perfect, I miss you.

52. I wish you were here by the side right; I need to touch you. I miss you.

53. I’m homesick because I miss you.

54. You are weird in my heart; I miss your sweet kiss.

55. You are the most romantic man in the world; I was lucky to have you as my husband, please come back soon because I know you have missed you lovely angel so much.

56. A beautiful hug from you would be a fantastic gift for my heart this today; I hope you would be home tonight. I miss you so much.

57. If you could guess right how much I miss you, if you can hear my heartbeat now, you would know that I miss you so much.

58. I know you miss me because I miss you too.

59. I can’t wait to see your lovely face, just as I know you would go crazy over me when you see me.


Sweet How Much You Miss Me Quotes

60. You are a mountain of thought in my heart. I miss you.

61. Every night I count the stars alone, I need you by my side, every piece of me misses you.

62. I stop saying I miss you because my heart is already broken, loneliness knows my name, I wish you would come to wipe my tears away.

63. My heart springs joy every moment that I think of you; I dream of a wonderful world with you. I want to be the beauty of your heart all the time.

64. You are the only one I want to hold forever; you are the joy of my life, living without you is hard, please forgive for the few days that I have been away from you, I
would bring so much beauty to your heart when I return, I know how much you miss me.

65. I can’t explain how much I miss you; I just miss you.

66. Words can’t express how much I miss you.

67. Missing is sorrow in my heart. I wish you to be with me now.

68. I would stop missing when I see you.

69. Love is crazy; I can’t explain how much I miss you.

70. I’m head over heel in love with you; I miss you so much.

71. My heart blossom with happiness when I thought of you, I miss you so much.

72. It’s hard to stop thinking of you; it’s amazing to love you. I know you would miss me, I’m so sorry I would be in your lovely arms again soon.

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