Funny I Miss You Quotes for Him/Her

Funny I Miss You Quotes for Him/Her


Funny I miss you quotes for Him/Her

Funny I Miss You Quotes For Him Her (1)



We might be a thousand miles apart, but the presence of our loved ones still feels stronger than ever. Here are some funny quotes for him/her to make them laugh and make their day!


Here are some lovely quotes that you can send to her, We also have many more of your favourite collections, all you need to do is just peek one of those sweet paragraphs and send to her, and see what happen.


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Funny I Miss You Quotes for Him/Her

1. wish you had a binocular that could see far into my heart; you would know how much I missed you.

2. Honey, I miss you like Donald Trump misses twitting.

3. You are far away; I’m far away, the differences in how much we miss each other. I’m sure I miss you more than you missed me.

4. I love you with passion, and I miss you with passion, everything about you is so passionate.

5. I dream of you every night that you have gone; I hope to wake tomorrow morning to find you beside me, let my dreams become a reality, I miss you.

6. Your love poured in my heart like a torrential rainfall; I can do with you, I miss you.

7. You are a lost love of life. I miss you.

8. My heart aches every second without you. I miss you.

9. You are the joy of my heart, but now you are the missing joy that is eager to see, I miss you.

10. My heart misses you, my eyes miss, and my whole misses you.

11. It’s fun to miss you just as it’s fun to love you; I’m in a great funfair then.

12. Like a rickety car, I feel dejected because you left me for so long, I miss you so much.

13. In the realms of love stories, our blossoms forever, I miss you.

14. I cried out my heart when you left, as a broken wings bird misses her flight. I miss you so much.

15. You would forever remain in my heart; I cherish you, I miss you.

16. Life without you is a room with oxygen; no one can live there, I miss you.

17. Your sweet thought crept into my heart in each minute that passes. I miss you.

18. My love for is forever. I miss you.

19. Never doubt me, I move a mountain for you, I miss you.

20. I love the little quarrels, the little arguments, and the much love that we shared; I miss you.


Cute I Miss You Quotes for Him

21. Let find the rope and tied each other in our two hands so that we would become physically inseparable, I miss you so much.

22. You are the star that shines brightly above me in the night; you would always be in my heart, I miss you.

23. Look up at the sky above this night, isn’t it beautiful, send me a letter through the moon now, I would get it, I miss you.

24. Every single moment that I think about you, nothing matters to me than to see and touch you, I miss you.

25. Our love sweet love story begins where other ends, you are the bloom of my heart; I miss you.

26. The brightest star in the night does not shine as you shine in my heart; the most beautiful flowers do not blossom as you blossom in my heart. I miss you so much.

27. I told everyone in the world that cares to know that I miss you so much.

28. I could climb the steepest mountain in the world to show you how much I miss you.

29. If only I would see you now, I would stop crying; I miss you so much.

30. Like the army misses its riffle on the battlefield, I miss you.

31. I miss you a million times a day.

32. I slept and wake with your thought in my heart; I miss you this way every day that passes.

33. You treat like a queen all the time; you are the king of my heart, I miss you.

34. I can bet that I miss you so much.

35. Your thought rise and fall in my heart and yet I miss you so much.

36. Missing someone is a sign of deep love, so I love you deeply because I miss you so much.

37. I miss you so much; I wished that you were to whisper some sweet things to my ear.

38. How do life without you, I’m reminded of your beautiful face all the time, I miss you.

39. Our room has become a prison of some kind because you are not here with me. I miss you.

40. My lips are shut ever since the time that you are gone; I miss you.


Cute I Miss You Quotes for Her

41. We dream of a beautiful world together, bring back my happiness. I miss you.

42. Take me wherever you, I miss you.

43. I long to see your beautiful face again. I miss you.

44. You are the best that had ever happen to me. I miss you.

45. Everything was beautiful until you were gone. I miss you. Come back soon.

46. Your love intoxicates me; I can’t live here alone without you. I miss you a lot.

47. I’m dying to see you again; I miss you.

48. I thought I would not miss you, but now I miss you so much.

49. They said time heals all wound, but you still left a scar in my heart, I miss you.

50. I don’t know if I miss you or not, I have been adding your ration to mine in every meal served, I pray you to stay a little longer before you return.

51. I miss you much more and much little, you have always given me a miss reaction about my feelings for you, I don’t know what to say.

52. I may pretend that I miss you, to make you feel so, but in reality, I pray that you stay a little so that I can enjoy the little money in my pocket before you return.

53. Missing you is like losing a famous flight, you to special to my heart.

54. May the Lord cure me of the sickness of missing you, it’s hard not see you.

55. You are like sunshine to me, and I miss you, my son, so much.

56. Looking back at all the beautiful moment that we shared, it so hard to smile without you, I miss you.

57. You are the joke that I love to tell miss you.

58. I can’t breathe without you; I can keep you out of my mind. I wish I can always be with you; I miss you like fishes miss the water.

59. Love is sweet and sour; it is delicious when you are here and sours when you away, I miss you.

60. Do you know how much I miss you? I miss you like the quantity of water in the five oceans of the world.


Cute I Miss You Quotes

61. I cried a river because I miss you; I hope you would cry an ocean because I know how much you loved me.

62. I know that you would miss me so much because I miss you so much too, don’t you think so also.

63. If life is tough, be more robust than life too, if you miss me now, never wish to lose me again, because your heart wouldn’t endure it, aren’t you said I’m so unique to you, I miss you so much.

64. Practice what you preach, you said you loved me so much, and you miss me if you do miss me, take next flight and come home now, any explanations overruled.

65. Let’s make fun of life; let’s pretend that we don’t miss each other but lets our love fresh.

66. Your love is so overwhelming to my heart. I miss you so much.

67. I miss you like china’s man miss his chopsticks.

68. Like Romeo drowning in the movie “Titanic” I’m drowning in your love, I miss you.

69. It is lovely to be with you and difficult to be without you; I miss you so much.

70. You are the life that I cherish; I don’t want to be alone again with you. I miss you like we miss the sunshine on a cold day.

71. Life is so amazing when you are here, I’m a broken heart without you. I miss you so much.

72. Your thought rise in my heart like an ocean tide. I miss you so much.

73. Like a little misses her mother, I miss you so much.

74. Living with you, I like a car without an engine. I’m entirely lonely.

75. I miss you because I love you, if you love me too, then don’t say you miss you also, say you are coming home now, text me that now.

76. I don’t want to know how much you missed me because I have missed you so much too.

77. Life is cruel with you; you take my sunshine away. I miss you.

78. I would prefer not to eat than to miss you; you stole my heart when you go.

79. You are a thief who stole heart, if not, why do you have to miss you so much.

80. You have imprisoned my heart, how do bail it out, just come home and give it back, I miss you.

81. Your love is burning in my heart. I miss you.

82. You are the only I have missed this way; we should be in each other’s arms now, not apart in a different world.

83. Like two lover bird we should never have left each other, don’t you how much you missed me, don’t pretend.

84. Life knows why I miss you so much this way, do me a favour if you know you can’t be here now, unburden my heart with a kiss on the air.

85. You love to drive me crazy with your love; now I’m alone here without you, life is unbearable and annoying, come back soon. I miss you like the night misses the moon.

86. If I ever want anything in life, I wish to spend every second in my life with you; you are the Juliet of my heart. I miss you.

87. ‘Love’, the four letters that mean so much, ‘Miss’ another four letters that say so much more, I love and miss you.

88. If you are in mountain top I will climb up to meet you, if you in the middle of the ocean, I would swim to reach you there, no matter where you are I would come to you, I
miss you so much.

90. I tried to keep you out of my mind, but as much as I tried, your thoughts keep coming to my heart, you never leave my mind for a minute, I miss you.

91. Life is beautiful, but without you, it is ugly.

92. I thought I would ok without you, but you know what, I’m deeply in love with you, I miss you so much.

93. True love never pretends I miss you so much.

94. I’m so sad because I miss you, and I’m glad because you know how much I love you if I were you, I would be rushing home now.

95. Looking back at all the wonderful time that we shared, I wished you can leave them behind; I miss you.

96. I wished I never met you because I can’t live without you. I missed you.

97. Your absent is torture to mu heart; I miss you so much.

98. A year is like a century without you; it is three years that means three centuries to me; life is tough without you, I miss you.

99. When you were gone, part of me was gone, you such a wonderful person to my heart. I hope to see you again one day; I miss you.

100. I dream of you every night that passes, and every single day that comes, your thoughts occupy my heart, I can’t do anything without you, I can’t just concentrate,
bring back my stolen heart, I miss you.

101. Waking up every day to find space beside me gives me a lot of heartbreak, no one can fill your space in my life, you had left a significant gap in my heart when you left, I miss you so much.

102. My hearts broken, my bones broken, and eyes are mist with tears, I hope you know that hurting me, bring back spirit, I miss you.

103. If I had known I would miss you so much, I wouldn’t have given you all my heart, come back soon you are so precious to me.

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