Cute Missing Someone Quotes for Him and Her

These are perfect quotes to text when you miss someone. Let the person know how much you miss them and how much you’ll like to be with them.

This is why we have put together the most amazing ‘missing someone quotes for him and her’. Pick any of these messages and send to your boyfriend, girlfriend and any other special person in your life.

Cute Missing Someone Quotes for Him and Her

Cute Missing Someone Quotes

1. I lay my life on you, trusting you for the trustworthy fellow you are. I count upon you every moment of my life because I believe only you can make me happy but failed to realize one day the owner of the jug of happiness could be absence. I am so sad not finding you beside me, journey mercy!

2. The distance may short our presence for a while but one thing I’m sure it can never achieve is to remove your love in my heart. You are such an interesting angel but the painful thing is that being starved of your presence makes me mad. I wish you a lovely quest in your journey, I miss you!

3. You are the most interesting man I have ever met in life because, since the day I met you, my life has always been filled with joy, happiness, coolness. I wish you are right here before me. I am so much sad—please come back home. I wish you progress wherever you are!

4. Love became real to me since the day I met you. The story of my life changed ever since the day I met you, my dear love. I am sure I won’t be able to cope without you but never the less, may your joy last forever. I miss you!

5. Life is a place where we find different people; thank God I met a wonderful angel like you. I am so happy the most interesting man on earth is my husband. Without you my life for sure is incomplete. Please, my dear love, have a safe journey. I miss you!

Missing Someone You Love Quotes For Him & Her

6. For this moment, I want to appreciate you for the entire joy you brought into my life; I want to thank you for the sacrifice you made just to make me happy. Now is the real matter; you have stolen my heart away with you and left me in loneliness. May you return safely wherever you are!

7. I am addicted to you more than you can ever think; I cherish you with my life and wish to always be with you—that’s why since the day I set my eyes on you, my life has been filled with multiple joy, happiness and cheerfulness. I really miss you baby, prosperous life my sweetheart!

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8. You are my dream come true; the kind of man I have been searching for yet never knew was so close to me. Loving you has transformed me into a new person, a pack of love for you my sweetheart. May fortune reach your dwelling place right now!

9. I never knew this is how sweet it is to fall in love with the right person until I met you, my sweetheart. Although I’m so down right now because your face is for so long gone. I wish I can reach you as soon as possible. May you find the mercy of the Lord before you, I miss you!

10. The very first day you came into my life, I feel a deep joy in my heart and since then I have been so much happy than ever, however, right now I can’t sleep because the entire memories we shared keep reoccurring to me. I wish you a journey mercy!

Touching Missing Someone Messages

11. Distance has taken away my strength, energy, joy and best friend in life. Distance has caused too much pain to my heart, I wish you know the consequence of what it means to miss you just for one second. I hope for your protection wherever you may be, I miss you!

12. Love is the reason why the hardest person on earth succumbed to ideas, love is the very reason why the strongest man cried like a baby. It is this same passion that keeps me sad when you left for this trip that took my joy away. I wish for your safe return. I miss you!

13. I miss the entire matter about you. I miss the light of joy that emanates from your smile and the passion that splashes upon my soul wherever you are with me. I miss everything about you starting from the smallest thing you are to the best thing you love about yourself. God bless your trip!

14. I love my life having spent it with you. I wish to always be with you now and forever. Loving you is the most interesting thing that has ever occurred to me. For the moment, I know I’m so sad not finding you beside me. Lovely days wherever you may be, I miss you!

15. I feel the power your absence in such a way that I can’t possibly explain. I miss the aura of your presence and won’t deny it. All your characters are worthy of being missed, your cheerfulness, smile, laughter and sweet voice. I wish you the best wherever you are!

Missing Boyfriend Quotes for Him

16. When I said I can’t breathe without you it is just the truth I mentioned. You are so special, the awesome guy of the century I really miss your company, giggles and those beautiful songs you sing for me. Distance has taken my heart along with you but I pray for your safe return my dear angel, I miss you!

17. Since the very first day I set my eyes on you, I knew my life has encountered the lasting joy I’ve been searching for. That awesome man who can give me all the happiness I needed in this world. You are such a special kind of man, wherever you are, may the blessing of the Lord shower joy upon you!

18. I love my life because you are part of it. I love everything about me because you decorated it with cheerfulness and joy that has no bound. Had it been I did not marry a special kind of man like you, how miserable will my life look? Journey mercy, my sweetheart, until you join me once again!

19. This trip has done too much worse than good to me and as such can’t even sleep without you by my side. Your smiling face, those beautiful flowers you bring for me, how you carry me and lay on the bed like baby—I have missed a lot. Anyway, I just want you to come back home soon, God bless!

20. Just like yesterday, my heart was searching for the true love yet could not find until I met you. A treasure that keeps me smiling anytime whenever I appreciate you but the problem is that distance has done what it knows best—by snatching you away from me. No matter how far you’ve gone, may the Lord be your protector!

Missing Girlfriend Quotes for Her

21. When I met you, I never knew how much I have fallen in love with you until this trip separated us for a while. Baby I must confess that I’m really addicted to you because since these days, always I have been lonely no one by my side. I really miss your cuddles and kisses—come back home in sound health!

22. The way I feel, it seems you have taken my heart along with you to a very far distance—a distance I cannot explain. I am so attached to you that I become so speechless anytime I set my eyes on you. I cherish you so much with passion and hope that you come back home safely!

23. I love you with all my heart and this is the very reason why you need to consider your trip and its impact on my heart because it really hurts me to the point of shedding tears alone. I hope I’m communicating my mind to you? I wish you good luck wherever you are!

24. I am wishing you all the best in your journey, though I’m so lonely not finding you beside me. I miss you and everything about you. I love your smile, voce and that handsome face of yours. Since the very day you left me, your thoughts have been roaming in my mind. Have a wonderful time in your current abode, I miss you!

25. I can’t remember when last I slept in peace since the day you left for the trip that stole my joy away; this is the reason why I’m begging God to bring you back safely from any moment from now.

Missing Someone Special Quotes

26. Mind they say is used to what it thinks about always and that’s the very reason why I’m so attached to you my sweetheart. I love you beyond whatever you may think of the power of my love for you. Thinking about you has taken over my heart, be blessed wherever you are!

27. I wish I can meet you any moment from now so that a load of loneliness will be lifted from my heart. I wish to see your handsome face so that my heart will find peace and I wish to always be where you are so that my life will always be filled with joy. May the Lord increase your income, wherever you may be!

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28. In the loneliness of the night, I think of you. I want to be close to you but there is no way it can be possible because your presence is far away from my reach. Though I may not see you for a long time that can’t stop me from loving you, I pray that the Lord shower you with the rain of success where you are now!

29. My joy where have you been since these days that I keep thinking about you hoping that your presence alone can make me feel good about myself. I cherish you the treasure of my heart the one that puts a smile on my face, loving you makes me feel like the luckiest princess on earth. Have a wonderful trip, my love!

30. I cannot possibly tell the reason why I so much fell in love with but the fact remains that you are so romantic, caring, lovely and superb. What baffles me about you is that since the day I was born, I have never met a man like you before. I wish you success where you went. I miss you!

Safe Journey I Miss You Quotes

31. It is more important to see you than to remain lonely in this life, no doubt because you are the only friend and lover that can make me happy. Every song I hear reminds me of you, any man I see makes me feel like you are already here with me. Success shall find your pant down!

32. The day the tear that dropped into the ocean of passion is found that’s the day I will stop missing you my sweetheart. For long I can no longer concentrate because your thoughts keep coming back into my memory. Every minute of my life reminds me of the gem that took away my heart. Have a sweet journey my dear prince!

33. I know quite well that you are not here with me but always your memory comes to my dream and I’m never tired to keep watching you in my dreams. No matter how far you may go, we will always be together in peace, love and harmony. I really miss you my love, safe trip!

34. Every day I think of your smell, your romantic touch, your beautiful smile—all keep rolling around my heart never moving away. I can’t see you now but in my mind I keep your love until you come back home in sound health!

35. When you left, I became incomplete hoping that one day you shall come back home to refill my heart with joy and endless passion. You may be far away while I’m here thinking about you—not even the greatest warrior can win over my love for you; may God protect you my dear love!

I Miss You My Love Quotes for Him & Her

36. I am not too happy because my love is far away yet it doesn’t matter because the impact of your presence still keeps me lively. Baby, I know you may feel unhappy too but know that I did feel your absence more than any other person. Be blessed as you return!

37. No matter how far the distance has dragged you, I will only give up my love the day the star stops appearing forever in the sky or the day sun stops shining. You are my joy and I’m addicted seriously to you. I wish you the best in all your doings anywhere, wherever!

38. I am so lucky to have met you in life because it is very rare to find someone so special like you. I met a partner that cares so much about me—who is ready to sacrifice everything for me, although you are far away that can never stop me from loving you, good luck in all your activities in life!

39. Your departure will worth to shed tears and have a very painful moment. Although you are not dead that’s exactly what I’m feeling as though you are gone forever. You are held in my heart until you are back I will release you so you can hold me in your arms. I cherish you, my love. I wish you the best of trips!

40. I am in love with a man whose presence I can’t reach right now. I fell in love with a man whose handsome face I cannot see yet that cannot be a reason enough to make me forget you. Wherever you may be, I beseech the Lord to protect you for me, I miss you!

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41. Distance has brought sorrow into my heart since the day you left my presence. I was happy that for the first you are travelling out of the country but little did I know that your absence will cause me lots of loneliness. I wish to see you right away my dear love, I wish you safety in your return!

42. When you where around me little did I miss you because you are always caring and understanding which I love so much but now that you are far away I came to realize that no one can make me happy as you do. I wish for your quick return my sweetheart!

43. You are my heart, the only jewel I cherish with passion; my one and only joy now and for the rest of my life. I wish to whisper something in your ears and it is the fact that your love has taken over my mind. I miss you and wish you the best wherever you are!

44. Thousands of miles away between you and me, millions of seconds apart and yet your love is still in tact in my heart, that shows how much you mean to me—long distance has taken you away from me yet I cherish you more than any other woman on earth, I pray that the endless success be yours now and forever!

45. When we went apart and no longer together in presence, my heart keeps clinging to you never getting tired of you. Although every other thing moves slowly but your absence has been the fastest thing that causes pain in my heart I really miss you my sweet love!

Missing Someone I Love Quotes for Him & Her

46. Since the very first day I set my eyes on you, I had this feeling that you are the one meant for me; you are my joy the most interesting person I ever met in life. I love you my dear love and that’s why tears of passion never cease to flow from my eyes. I pray for your safe return!

47. May the Lord bless your hustle wherever you may be now and may He ease your entire affairs now and forever! I wish you are right here to celebrate me on this special day but your absence has caused a lot. I wish you double promotion in all you do!

48. The meaning of world is for the one I love and cherish with all my heart. I am willing to unite with you my dear guardian angel. I see you now as my role model but now that you are far away who do I look up to? May you find your way home safely soon, I miss you!

49. Your presence means a lot to me and that’s why it is not easy to bear the pain I feel whenever you turn your back and move away. I am already addicted to you and therefore cannot do without you. I miss you and I pray that you find your desires fulfilled wherever you are!

50. I am the luckiest lady on earth for having you as a husband and good companion. I do love your company especially how you make me feel whenever you joke and play with me but one thing I hate is to see you walking away. For many months, I have not seen you, yet my love for you will never shake. God bless you!

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